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A tool of self-discovery and wisdom


Astrology is the combination of mysticism and the communication between celestial bodies. It is the blueprint of the Soul and shows the screenshot of your birth on where the planets were positioned. All of this reveals your inner world as an individual.

Astrology gives you a lens to see yourself through.


Who did you come here to be in this lifetime? Where do you have your biggest wounds and strongest gifts? Your Soul mission? What energies are you being invited to steer away from and heads toward? All of this - and more - can be interpreted from your natal chart.

The way I work


I choose to use astrology as a way to empower myself and others. There is no challenging aspect that we can not use with awareness and utilize for our highest Self and consciousness.


Using your natal chart I reveal pieces and fragments of your Soul blueprint and what this all means. It is an overall interpretation of your Soul's journey in this lifetime.


Through your reading you will understand how many of your talents, gifts and challenges were written in the stars.

A recording will be provided after our session via email and any further resources, if mentioned during our time together.

What I cover in a reading:

the elemental breakdown of your chart (how much fire, air, water, earth you have)

your Sun, Moon, Rising signs in depth and how these main characteristics communicate with one another

your inner and outer planets and their houses (how you communicate, love, take action, work, etc. and in which areas of your life are they playing a role)

major aspects to your Sun, Moon, Rising (how the planets are influencing your core personality, emotional body and what you are rising to)

the sign and house of your wounded healer, Chiron (your biggest wound and teacher)

Karmic aspects connected to your Lunar Nodes (which direction is your Soul calling you towards and what are you leaving behind)

the Goddess asteroids, Lilith, Vesta, Juno, Ceres, Pallas (if revelant deeper insights through feminine astrology)

What you need

✦ your exact time/date/place of birth

✦ time and space to dive into our session together.



Who is this for

This is for beginners and for those who know their astrology alike. A way and means to look into yourself deeper and be a catalyst for your spiritual and healing journey to self-love and acceptance. An Astrology and/or Human Design Reading can be extremely healing in the sense that it uncovers parts of yourself you were previously doubting or unaccepting of. It helps you embrace your totality as the amazing human being you are.

Astrology versus Human Design

Although both are systems of self-discovery, they are used in two different ways. Human Design shows how you best make decisions and utilize your energy. It can show you how sensitive you are to outside energy or where you might have received conditioning.

Whereas Astrology is more esoteric in the sense that it shows us what karmic lessons we are currently enduring or will endure. It shows us where you came from and what you are here to now learn and embody in this lifetime.


Both reveal our talents and challenges. When exploring the two systems, we notice connections between them, yet can give us two very interesting perspectives to perceive ourselves through.

I find them both very valuable in their unique ways and recommend anyone to do a reading discovering both aspects of your personality and Soul blueprint for anyone interested in doing a deep dive into who they are.

Explore both self-discovery systems through my Soul Discovery Reading.

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