The moon is a powerful light in the night sky. However, it is much more beyond its illumination. She contains a magical power, as she waxes and wanes throughout the lunar cycle. 

She rules over the tides, however it affects much more than just water. 

Every moon phase contains a different energetic to it. We are given a valuable opportunity to work with her energy and hone that energy into our own rituals and manifestation practices. 

When you work with the phases of the moon, you can align your own energy to the moon and use the energy to better your life! 

Already in ancient times tribes would use the moon as a guidance for planting and harvesting crops. 




The moon gives us a way to connect to the grand scheme of the universe. The energy is around us, always. The question is: do you use it? 

If you are a modern day witch interested in all things crystals, rituals, astrology, oracle cards then this course is for you! 

We will learn how to ALIGN ourselves with the moon energy. Which rituals to do when. How to channel universal wisdom. And lastly, how to connect with our intuition.

As women, we are lunar beings. Our cycle is similar to the moon cycle.

The moon represents our emotions, intuition and the way we associate with our physical being. 

I know how it is to feel at mercy to life. To feel completely out of touch with my intuition. Too scared to listen its gentle whisper of guidance. And live from my head-space rather than my heart-space. 

It wasnt too long ago that I was feeling constantly frustrated with myself and life.

Many rituals have helped rekindle my relationship to my intuition - 

aligning my own energy with the moon phases was one of them. 

Embark on this journey through the 4 moon phases and learn how to manifest with the moon. 

In this course, we will cover 5 modules: 

Intro to Moon Magic

 New Moon 

☽ Waning Moon
☽ Full Moon
☽ Waxing Moon 

Every module will contain: 

☽ Teachings on the Moon Phases 

☽ Rituals for every Moon Phase

☽ How to Navigate through Emotions

☽ Moon-related Inspiration

☽ Journaling Prompts 

☽ Guided Inner Journeys



VIDEO: days of the week in astrology 

VIDEO: essential oils to manifest with every moon phase


Energetic exchange:

normally 111 CHF/USD

currently 77 CHF/USD 

Your Guide: 

inés kelly  

spiritual coach - moon expert + curator of la luna circle

I am here to guide you through this online course 

and share with you all the insights I have learned since

working with the moon. For the past year, I have been

working + aligning myself with the lunar cycle. Nothing

has expanded me more than becoming crystal clear

every month in which direction I wanted to head.

Inducing spiritual + shamanic practices while using

my menstrual cycle as a further guide. The moon held

me accountable in ways like a true Mama Luna would.

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