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why doTERRA

Essential oils from doTERRA are sourced where plants grow natively to ensure the highest potency possible. The American based company works with local farmers that have been harvesting and distilling these plants for generations.

On each liter of oil 11 different tests are made in order to make sure that there are no pesticides, dilution or additives and guarantee their 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Therapeutic value means that the oils don't just smell pretty. Although they do, of course! They contain aromatic compounds that can be used for many different benefits. 


Essential oils are also capable of uplifting your mood, shifting your perspective and elevating your mindset.

my experience

What I love most about my oils is that they are so versatile! I don't think anything I've ever owned something that has brought me so much in so many ways. 


The way I initially started my essential oils journey, was with creating my own DIY beauty and household products. I made it all from my own laundry detergent to currently still making my own deodorant and lip gloss.

When I became pregnant for the first time, it was also a gentle way to aid any discomforts. For years I was striving to find natural and healthy ways to support our health. 


 In the summer of 2017, I was introduced to doTERRA oils through a workshop. I immediately noticed a difference in the quality from the oils I was using back then. And I never looked back! 

join the tribe

When you sign-up with doTERRA, you get access to these beautiful oils through your personal account, AND  become part of a tribe of like-minded people. As your enroller, I would be here for you in regard to any questions concerning the oils and your account.



Where do I get the knowledge on how to use the oils? 


From books mostly, to be honest. Much information is also passed around through our Facebook groups of fellow doTERRA users, who share their experiences, tips and tricks. One of which is our team in Switzerland and the other is our international group administrated by Elena Brower. All voluntary of course and your permission will be asked, if you desire to join our Facebook groups. 

What is the difference between whole sales customer and wellness advocate? 

When you join, you have the option to either become a wholesales customer or wellness advocate (no strings attached) and both reek the benefit of 25% off of all oils and products. The only difference is that as a wellness advocate you can sign up fellow people.

how to join

Download the guide below and start your journey with essential oils today! It will revolutionize your approach to the way you go about your health by detoxifying your household and body and support your overall wellbeing. 

If you're interested in an initial consultation with me or if you're already a user and are interested in a follow up, than click below and schedule an appointment with me. Both free of charge. 

Looking forward to integrating essential oils into your life! 

All my love, 

ines kelly 

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