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4 steps to

Find Your Purpose

through heartfelt decisions

Essentials for Moon Rituals Checklist

Intention Setting Journal 

for the New Moon

Releasing Limiting Beliefs on the Full Moon

4 Energetic Phases of a Woman's Cycle 

Track your Cycle with the Moon

New Moon Meditation


planting seeds of intention

Full Moon Meditation

visualizing your highest self

Waning Moon Affirmations


renewing your energy with the waning moon

Red Moon Cycle Series

learn about the mystery of your menstrual cycle syncing up with the full moon 

Waxing Moon Affirmations


elevate your attraction of your desires with the waxing moon energy

Full Moon Toolkit

all of my free tools for your magical Full Moon Ritual

Lunar Being


 your free mini course on the lunar energies plus bonus videos

Days of the Week

 free video on the energetics behind every day

of the week

Smudge Guide


 your guide on how to smudge your sacred space

Ritual Guide


 your guide on how to create ritual