dive into your healing journey

What is a shamanic healing session and who is it for? 


Shamanic healing is for spiritual seekers and those on the journey of integrating into their wholeness. Maybe a certain pattern has become now apparent, which is ready to be released. Maybe a painful chapter in your life is ready for closure. Possibly you feel disconnected and find it hard to tune into your inner guidance or you lack direction and clarity in your life. Shamanic healing can support you to reconnect to your intuition, spirit guides, ancestors, calling or the Universal supportive energies around you.


In my Shamanic Healing sessions I guide humans back to themselves. I have seen women receive their bleed back, finally be able to conceive after a miscarriage, go after their career dreams, and even move cross-continental, all because they were reconnected to who they were, and what they wanted, and were able to FEEL life through all their visible and invisible senses. 

Human Design meets Healing

I highly recommend that before you enter the world of healing, you first receive your Human Design Reading from me. The reason being is that you have already unraveled a deeper understanding of who you are, what you came here to do and be, and are more attuned to the conditionings you have received and the limitations you hold over yourself. This is faciliate for a deeper healing space as the foundation has been created.

What you can expect:


In my single sessions, you can expect to experience a self-healing activation, an energetic cleanse, rituals, spiritual guidance, shamanic instruments, subconscious healing and inner journeying. What awaits you is a ceremonial space for you to be held and guided, while you enter into the deeper realms of your being. A session is regularly 60 minutes and can be done in person in Zurich or online via Zoom. 



What happens after a healing session? 



Shamanic Healing sessions operate in the no-time field. There is no defined timeline for your integration and healing. Sometimes you will feel an immediate shift, and other times the internal changes are slow and subtle, one day waking and noticing how your world has changed. You may also experience a healing crisis where the challenges you are addressing come forth amplified for a short time, this rising being part of the big release. 


After our session, you will receive session notes via e-mail and you will have access to me through voice notes (WhatsApp), if you have any questions or require guidance post-session. I will offer you individual guidance on how you can integrate what came out of the inner healing journey.

You have options:
1. Book a single Healing session with me here. 
2. Book a full lunar cycle of 4 Healing sessions with me here, so I can support you through your evolution more intimately. 
  • Human Design meets Healing

    333 Swiss francs
  • Reconnect with yourself and heal subconsciously

    144 Swiss francs
  • 4 weekly healing sessions for one lunar cycle

    555 Swiss francs

I came across Inés on Instagram and I was immediately intrigued in her Luna circle. It felt so nurturing being part of it and with the time I felt the need to dive deeper into myself. So I asked to work individually in one-to-one sessions with Inés. Actually we started with me asking for help for my website and thanks to her guide I not only made my site, but also got to know myself better. Working with Inés in the following months after brought me to heal very deep woundings from my childhood, increase my self esteem and confidence as a woman and find the strength to go through all the huge changes in my personal life, such as closing a six years long very important relationship, leaving the country after 24 years and knowing where I stand as a 43 years old woman and what my deepest desires are.I feel so grateful for the beautiful and kind soul that Inés is and the love and energy she pours into her clients and work. She knew how to guide me to the very core of the issue, stand strong by my side when looking into myself and my shadows and she was a great support during releasing times, that sometimes was tough!Thank you very much from the deepest of my heart!

In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: