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Human Design

What is Human Design? 

Similar to astrology like we say we have our Sun sign - we have an energy type in Human Design that says how we exchange energy with the world. 


Human Design is a holistic self-knowledge system combining astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah and Vedic philosophy. It is a system that helps us open up more flow when we use the energy correctly.

Each one of us came here with an energetic blueprint and to be non-homogeneous. Human Design gives us deeper insights of how our energetic and auric body works. Through pinning down our ideal environment where we naturally thrive, how we energetically and physically best digest nourishment to how we best manifest our dream lives. All of this and more can be interpreted from your Human Design Chart.

In a safe space, I cover step by step and debunk a system that looks complex at first sight, yet inhabits many hidden gems to be discovered. Intuitively you will recognize yourself, and with my gentle guidance, you will begin to understand how you can allow yourself to become more of you as an individual came here to be. I weave in your astrological signs and aspects into your Human Design for you to receive an overall view of how linked these systems truly are.

Understand what drives you, what excites you, how does the Universe communicate with you energetically. Are you more left or right brain orientated? Do you have access to endless energy or are you more prone to exhaustion? Are you living your design or do you feel stagnant and stuck in your body and life?

In an in depth and extensive reading I cover:

☽ what Human Design is and the 4 energy types
☽ your energy type and inner authority
☽ how you know when you are not energetically in alignment to your design
☽ your open and closed energy centers (similar to the chakra system)
☽ your profile number
☽ your 4 arrows (which define your ideal environment, digestive type, strongest sense, how you best manifest and work)
☽ your inner motivation
☽ your channels
☽ and lastly, your Incarnation Cross (direction and purpose in life).

The reading is done in a 1:1 session for you to ask questions and share reflections. Either in person in my home studio in Zurich or online. Depending on availability, sessions can be booked one week earliest in advance. After our session, you will receive session notes and a recording of the reading.

Human Design for Families


I also offer HD readings for parents' who would like to get to know their children's individual design. I found this as a Mama myself very powerful to understand how each and everyone operates in our own unique way. Readings for parents, on their children and family dynamics, I offer at a special price, which include a recording for you to relisten in your own time. Reach out via email to learn more.

Healing by Design

You learned about your Human Design - what now? After your initiation into Human Design and your individual chart, I also offer Healing Sessions at a reduced price for you to heal from any blocks or conditionings you have encountered while getting to know your energetics.

These sessions will be bring you back into alignment and give you tangible tools and rituals for you to live according to your individual design. I find this espeically powerful, because before you step into the world of inner healing, you first get to know, understand and feel into your personal design.

Astro Human Design

Dive into both worlds of Western Astrology and Human Design in one reading. In this in depth reading, I show you the links between both tools of self-discovery. How your astrological aspects are connected to your human design, where your natural talents derive from and where possible wounds/challenges come from and how to transmute these energies to make them into your greatest gifts. For only astrological readings check out here.