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honoring the lunar cycle + women’s community

Your online Moon Circle 

Every New Moon, we will gather online via Zoom for us to connect, set intention, release, create rituals and gain clarity that are deeply aligned with our heart and Soul. 

Every Full Moon, we come together and release limiting beliefs by journeying within, speaking our truths and creating rituals. 


A wellness community for women curated by women - this will be a platform for you to find like-minded women interested in all things manifestation, rituals, lunar cycles, menstrual wisdom, and much more.

Let's come together in online community, amplify the moon energy as a collective and come in alignment with our hearts desire. As a collective of spiritual women, we can change the world, by aligning our vibrations to one of clarity, grace and sovereignty. When women come together magic happens. 

As your Guide, throughout the phases of the lunar cycle, we will touch base every new/full moon and set powerful intention together. Throughout the different lunar phases, you will receive further inspiration on the energetics of the moon, including the full moon. 


❍ Why the New Moon?  

The new moon symbolizes new beginnings. As the moon appears to be completely empty in the sky. It marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Every new moon there is a fertile energy to create intention around what we desire to manifest. 


☾ Women are Lunar Beings 

As the moon, us women too, share a cycle of our own. Similar to the lunar cycle, it goes about 29 days and we go through 4 main phases as we wax and wane. We, too, are forever changing, as the Mama Luna. In some cultures, it was said that all Women who bleed are highly connected to the moon, either bleeding on the new moon or full moon and ovulating on the new moon or full moon. If you track your bleeding, you will notice that for many of us this happens to be the case.

Community of Sovereign Women 

Holding space for women is so healing and magical, which is what we strive to celebrate in our online wellness community for women.

In our day in age, we have the possibility to connect with people all over the world. The people we spend our time with matters! On an energetic level, we are tapping into each others aura fields when we interact with each other. Making it essential to ask ourselves - with whom do we want to exchange energy with? 

In our sacred space, we will honor each other, and what I find best of all, is that this community will be curated that we are all flexible with our time. You can do the rituals on your own time, when you feel called to undertake the magical exercises. And be assured that our community will hold space for you throughout and beyond. Holding you accountable with grace for you to vibe higher.  

This space will be safe for us to exchange ideas and inspiration with each other. Always honoring each other and the individual journey each one of us are are on. 



who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes. - Dr. Carl Jung
What it includes: 

 access to a community of like-minded women 

 Online Moon Gatherings every New Moon

☽ Online/in-person Full Moon Gatherings

 Monthly Journaling Inspiration for the New/Full Moon 

 Further inspiration on Lunar phases 

 surprise guests to learn more about feminine energy 

☽ access to webinars 

 welcome package sent to your home*

 wellness community for women curated by women 

 massive amount of value for a special price 

 gentle accountability from fellow Moon Sisters

 access to workshops and courses*

 spontaneous meet-ups* 


Energy exchange plans: 

 19 CHF monthly (cancel anytime end of the month) 

 222 CHF yearly membership* 

Monthly Membership: 


you receive: 


 one time 50% discount off printed journals as well as other products in shop

 access to our online community 

weekly inspiration throughout the lunar cycle 

☽ monthly journaling inspiration for every new moon 

☽ access to webinars and much more content online

☽ and be the first to know about any new offers, courses, workshops, etc!


Yearly Membership: 


you receive in addition to the above:  


 a welcome package containing a FREE printed version of the New Moon Journal and my Divine Calling Blend, smudging set (includes a smudge stick, crystal and smudge guide)  

 FREE access to online workshops and courses 

 attend meet-ups for FREE 

☽ receive a 50% discount code for a 1:1 session with me 

when women come together, magic happens.
Your Guide


Lover of words, poetry, deep feelings, essential oils and of course the lunar cycle. As a holistic health coach, intuitive energy healer + essential oils educator, I have facilitated workshops all around women’s health, i.e. conscious conception, menstrual cycle, prenatal nutrition, essential oils.


For the past year, I have been working + aligning myself with the lunar cycle. Nothing has expanded me more than becoming crystal clear every month in which direction I wanted to head. Inducing spiritual + shamanic practices while using my menstrual cycle as a further guide. The moon held me accountable in ways like a true Mama Luna would.


Deepening my knowledge about the lunar wisdom gave me the impulse to share my learnings via Instagram. The positive feedback sparked further spiritual + lunar musings tied in with astrology + universal downloads. Nowadays making it a major part of my work. As one of my higher goals is for us to become more connected with our Mother Earth and come back to nature. 




inés kelly ღ 
women’s wellness educator + spiritual muse


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much love, 
inés kelly ღ

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