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Every 2.5 days the moon shifts into another astrological sign. Throughout the course of 29.5 days, the moon ebbs and flows to her own rhythms. All of nature, including us (especially women), are influenced by her radiating light and darkness. Bees, owls, sea animals, for example, all follow the lunar rhythmicity. As does all body of waters, including our own internal tides. 

I have created Moon Musings for you to receive throughout one lunar cycle weekly inspiration on how to work with the lunar energies. Every moon depending on the current phase and astrological sign brings in different energies influencing us in its unique way. 

Every week, you will receive: 

☽ insights on the current lunar energies and astrological signs 

☽ ritual inspiration for the current moon phase

☽ information on how to use 4 elements 

☽ inner journeys for the according lunar phase

Become mused by the moon, create ritual in your own time and space, and learn all about the lunar energies through your moon subscription.


Subscribe to Moon Musings for 9 CHF per month (cancel anytime) or 88 CHF per year.