an initiation into your sacredness


This is for the woman interested in the sacred feminine based on shamanism, the elements and seeking a way to connect to her cycle other than just knowing the various phase from a scientific/health perspective.

This is for the woman who never received a proper introduction or initiation into her womanhood and the sacredness of what it means to be a woman with a menstrual cycle.

This is for the woman who is ready to step into her power through harnessing the energy of the moon and her menstrual cycle.

This is for the woman who seeks deeper meaning in all life - including her menstrual cycle. 


This is for the woman who desires to see and feel that her menstrual cycle as something spiritual rather than medical.


This is for the woman is ready to embrace her inner wisdom and magick that emnantes from her sacred moon blood.

This is for the woman who is ready to debunk the symbolism behind her menstrual cycle in correlation to the moon.

I often receive the question - does it mean anything if I bleed on the New Moon or (insert your moon cylce here)?

I am here to tell you: it does.

Giving meaning to things is how we make life magical and purposeful. Something I choose to have in my lifetime. That synchronicity with where I am at in life, and seeing how it reflects in different areas in my every day, even in my menstrual cycle allows me to feel guided.

Oftentimes women have come to me worried or felt disempowered by their cycles not matching up with the regular lunar cycle of the new moon or full moon.

I am here to tell you - it does not matter when you cycle, because there is no right or wrong. Every cycle has it's own beauty, and symbolizes something unique. And it will shift - as things in our life shifts.

Our menstrual cycle is a profound reflection of who we are, what we are going through, and where we are currently at in life.

Did someone ever tell you your menstrual blood is sacred?

Over centuries, our ancestors have learned how to live in harmony with the natural cycles of our green planet. This wisdom is still lingering in our bones waiting to be accessed. 

There was a time when we honored the land we walked upon. We believed that she provided for us, just like a mother would and it was our duty to protect her as the chosen guardians of the Earth. In shamanic cultures, this relationship of give and take between human and Mama Tierra (Earth) was honored always. What we took, we gave back. In this course, I desire to ignite this ancient ritual and wisdom within you, to honor the lunar patterns and cycle, that reflect your own.

Ancient civilization lived not only by the sun, but also used the moon as a guide to predict future outcomes, plan pregnancy, hunt and gather. It was in a time of the matriarchy that women used to be vessels to channel universal wisdom for their tribes. Their blood was sacred, as it resembled the cycles of the earth in her seasons and the cycles of the moon. It was again a gift from Mother Earth herself. The gift of fertility to continue to bear children and channel in nature's wisdom. That gift was to be used and returned as such. Bleeding outdoors onto a rock, upon the Earth's soil, was seen was a gift that was being returned. The woman was seen as sacred.

A space of initiation

In MUJER LUNA you will be initiated into the Moon Woman you are.

Ancient tribal settings, women would retreat when they had their menstruation to so-called red tents/moon lodges or caves to be among other women. It was a sacred space of initiation to womanhood for the young, and a place to reconnect for all women.

Together in their moon lodges, they would meditate, channel, and allow universal downloads to stream their beings. They would then return to the tribe to share their visions they had. Many times the messages they received from the universe were guiding them to make decisions that were in the tribes best interest.

These women were respected as wise and knowledgeable. Elderly women served as a vital backbone of the community and were sought out for their wisdom in healing and more. The original shamans were women and the first shamanic journey was the menstrual cycle. Let's awaken your inner Shaman, your inner Moon Woman, she is ready to emerge.

We will create our own Moon Cave week for week to initiate you further into your sacredness, honoring the phase you are currently in, and honoring our Moon Sisters who are currently bleeding on that specific moon phase.

Reclaim your power, Moon Sister. 

It is time. 


Embark on this journey through 1-lunar cycle (28 days).

You will receive videos, workbooks and modules on sacred menstrual wisdom:

☽ Inner New Moon Phase (menstrual phase)

☽ Inner Waxing Moon Phase (follicular phase)

☽ Inner Full Moon Phase (ovulatory phase)

☽ Inner Waning Moon Phase (premenstrual phase)

Every module will contain: 

☽ Teachings on the Moon Phases correlated to the Menstrual Phases

☽ Rituals for every Moon Phase and every Moon Cycle

☽ How to Harness and Hone the powerful Energy of every Phase

☽ Journaling Prompts 

☽ Guided Inner Journeys

☽ Rituals and tips for each phase

Learn about the various Moon cycles:

White Moon Cycle

☽ Pink Moon Cycle
☽ Red Moon Cycle
☽ Purple Moon Cycle 

What it means to bleed on the New Moon/Waxing Moon/Full Moon/Waning Moon and how to harness the energy of that specific cycle you are in sync with! This includes rituals, tips and inner journeys to connect you with that lunar energy and Woman Archetype.


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Energetic exchange:

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Do you hear the calling?


Your Lunar Guide: 

Inés Kelly  

shamanic healer - moon ceremonialist - curator of la luna circle

my name is inés kelly, spiritual coach, energy healer, and moon ceremonialist. i am here guide you in your own healing journey back to yourself.

my own menstrual cycle rekindled the love I had for the moon as a child. she reminded me of my divinity and power as a woman. that is how it all started.

i am here to remind you, connect you with your helping spirit guides, empower you through the lunar energies and activate your inner compass. it is my mission to connect you with ancient principles of the elements, drumming, journeying, dance, ritual and ceremony.

joy can be found in the simplest essentials. 

the moon and her rhythms serve as a beautiful reminder to how life is. it is cyclical and not a linear experience. quite in contrary to what we have been taught in most cultures.

learning her ebb and flow, which reflects our own, gives us permission, a natural guide that carves the path to not being one way or the other, but a versatile and complex being that is an universal dance of life.

photo credit: Niloufar - Instagram