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la luna eres tu is translated from Spanish to "the moon is you". Inspired by my Peruvian roots and shamanic approach to moonlogy.

We all have the lunar energies within. our ancestors knew how to live in harmony with nature including the moon. it is time we come back to that deeper knowing. through la luna eres tu, I invite you on a journey to ignite that wisdom within and remember who you truly are - a sacred guardian of Mama Tierra, a wisdom keeper of Mama Luna, a child of the Sun and a space holder of Father Sky. 

I speak on solocasts on spirituality, rituals, moonology, astrology, human design, purpose, shamanism, and anything that comes up intuitively. The episodes are small bite-sized digestable drops of wisdom for you to integrate in your every day life. I am open for any suggestions on future episodes.

In my inner journeys, you will be guided to your inner well of wisdom, where everything begins and ends. There you will receive answers, or not, and meet your spirit guides and animals. Connect with the energies around you that want to work in your favor. Drawing in the lunar energies and elements of the astrological signs - let yourself be guided and receive the medicine your soul craves.

Ever since my entrepreneurial journey began, I have connected with so many amazing humans and fellow entrepeneurs. In my guest interviews, they have space to share their journey and story on how they found their path and what their medicine is that they bring to the world.


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