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32 lessons I’ve learned in my 32 years

32 lessons I’ve learned in my 32 years:

1. success is not an over night job, as it might appear on Instagram.

2. being a mom is not as limiting as we have been raised to believe.

3. you can find freedom through forgiveness.

4. not everyone is ready to hear your truth. doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak it.

5. when you’re in alignment things flow with ease.

6. the only way out of an emotional depth is through.

7. validating your emotions is not the same as dwelling on them.

8. living a heartfelt life is an inside job.

9. you can change your mind, as change is not the same as you quitting.

10. people will feel triggered by you, and your truth, we are all on our unique journey.

11. ideas evolve over time. give yourself room to experiment.

12. someone else‘s key to success is not necessarily your own.

13. being true to you is a major pillar on the path of fulfillment.

14. we are tribal beings, and depend on each other to a certain extent.

15. embrace sadness, it has its own beauty. no emotions are ever negative.

16. numbing my feelings with junk food ain’t gonna get me anywhere.

17. being reactive to other people's actions and words, are merely projections of mine.

18. breathe deeply through every tantrum of the kids will enable you to hold space for their emotional outburst.

19. nothing is what it seems.

20. we are never alone, although we rarely speak open about our hardships.

21. sharing your story is empowering, to yourself to own up to your story, and others as inspiration.

22. developing love + compassion, especially for one's self, is an ongoing practice.

23. cultivating awareness is the first step of change.

24. living in tune with the cycles of nature, the moon brings you back to yourself.

25. my menstrual cycle is a blessing, and can be used to optimize my every day life.

26. the way we work in traditional sense is not in accordance with our cyclical nature as women.

27. sex is sacred, who you have it with, the energy exchange is sacred.

28. when I heal, I contribute to the collective energy as well as my lineage of generations before and after me.

29. practicing self-discipline is what creates new neural patterns.

30. rockbottom is an energetic gift for you to later pass on to others.

31. you can only serve when your cup has been filled first.

32. authenticity is not only sexy, it creates magnetism in life, biz, money, love...

which one could you resonate the most with? share in the comments, or e-mail me the answer.

much love,


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