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be the muse

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

You are a Muse by being YOU. 

You inspire those around you by being you and sharing what you currently love doing. From something big to small - it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re aligned and passion with what you are doing. You serve as a light for others who might be feeling stagnant, stuck and bored with life. We didn’t come into this earth, body and lifetime to be bored out of our minds and do things we don’t truly love doing. I simply do not and can not believe that’s why we came here to do: 9 - 5 Jobs and live an ordinary life of mediocrity. 

It’s so sad how many of us are stuck doing things we don’t truly love. 

We manifested into this life to bring forth the innate gifts and talents that have been given to us. Our soul choose to be here for a purpose. Now it’s up to you to harness that power within, and step into your authentic self and live from a place of true alignment. 

You don’t need millions of followers to influence others. You can influence others with your energy, by living in alignment and being you who you were brought here to be. Think about it, you influence your community by sharing your gifts and talents. A light is being lit within them, as they see their own light being reflected back at them. They start doing more things that they love to do, and they influence their own community, and the cycle continues. 

If more of us had the light within us ignited and felt more inspired by life. Instead of weighed down by it and only wanting to distract ourselves to numb the pain. Sometimes it's important to recharge. But not if we're constantly feeling burnt out. Than it's a symptom to a bigger problem.

Sometimes we’ve been so conditioned and bombarded with information and opinions, making it harder to listen to that inner voice. We often do the things that people expect from us or what we think would make us more loved by others. Whatever the conditioning is, you can get past that by cultivating a safe space for you to go within and start nurturing that inner voice. 

We are all receiving downloads all the time, may it be strikes of inspiration and creativity, or simple ideas, and of course from our intuition telling us what the next steps are. But in order to receive, you have to open for the download. It could pass by you and move on to the next person if we’re not spiritually available. It’s something that comes in the spur of the moment, which is why having a notepad or an app such as Evernotes comes really in handy. 

Of course not every idea, strike of creativity or inspiration comes into fruition, which is ok. We don’t all have the capacity to constantly create things from scratch. However, it gets our creative juices flowing making us more receptive to source. 

The muse within you is urging to come out! 

How do you that? By nourishing your mind, body and soul. Commune in nature. Become still. Listen to your inner wisdom within. Take lovingly care for your body. Surround your soul with things you love - whatever that may be! 

Cultivate that inner voice, by acknowledging its power.

I’m still learning how to connect with my inner voice. Despite the number of self-help books and personal development, even two pregnancies.

Ever since I started nourishing my mind, body and soul, I’ve been more connected than ever. I’m eager to create, produce and show up in the world, when before I wanted to hide. 

Now, I’d love to hear from you, dear Muses. What’s your favorite way to connect within? 

con mucho amor, 

inés kelly


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