Beetroot Juice

fresh pressed juice

This recipe I created during my pregnancy in particular for an extra source of iron and potassium. Beets contain high levels of iron which is important in the development of red blood cells. Vitamin C found in lemons and oranges help absorb the iron in the body efficiently.

Beets can also aid women with infertility. They can be very effective in helping to increase circulation which may help with uterine lining issues or poor blood flow.

Drink carrot and beet juices on a regular basis during the pregnancy for glowing skin and an overall healthy pregnancy.


1 red beet (raw) 1/2 lemon (with skin) 1 orange (peel off skin) 2 carrots


Add all of the ingredients one by one in the juicer. This recipe is equivalent to one glass of juice. Double, triple the ingredients for a bigger portion. Bottoms up!

Hola! I'm Inés, health nut and mindful mama of two taking a holistic approach to life and motherhood.

Photo credit: Emily Faraon Photography


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