Clary Sage

Updated: Jan 10, 2018

Clary Sage is your friend, when you’re a hormonal mess scattered all over the place. Put a drop of clay sage in a capsule, fill the rest up with coconut oil or any other carrier oil, and take it in. This will help when you’re premenstrual. Another option is to apply 3 drops topically directly on your abdomen and massage in circular motions. Use a carrier oil to minimize any skin sensitivity. Rolling around in bed wide awake? Clary sage can help with that. Add a few drops on your pillow or on the bottom of your feet (on your heels preferably) and say good night to the world. Combine with Roman Chamomile for a stress-relieving bath. Place only one drop of each. Jumpstart your milk production with clary sage. Use 15 drops and massage onto breasts in a circular motion. Please note that there is a difference between (regular) sage and clary sage. Regular sage in any form dries out the milk and should be avoided when nursing. Unless you're planning on weaning of course. Also known as the oil of clarity and vision, clary sage is highly intuitive. Perfect for the brow chakra, dispelling darkness and illusion, and helping a person to see their limiting belief systems. Feel blocked? Clary sage helps with that. Diffuse a few drops. Or apply topically on the temples or over the heart for emotional support.

For glowing and rejuvenating skin apply with coconut oil and massage.

Credits for this stunning collage goes to my friend and beautiful soul, Antonia: Check out her website.



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