clothing swap

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

for the eco-conscious Woman of the Aquarian age, interested in updating her closet with zero imprint on the planet -

mark your calendars.

i'm hosting my very first clothing swap on:

Saturday, 7th of December 2019

from 16:00 - 17:30

sign up for exact location.

here's how you can join:

+ sign up here (and please don't be flaky about it)

+ bring 3 pieces of clothing in good condition that you are ready to let go of

+ and that's it!

this event is donation based. no cost involved. anything that is left over, we will donate to our local Caritas.

how did I come across this idea? personally, I’ve been buying second-hand clothing, furniture, shoes, electronics and anything i could get second-hand, since years. ever since i've discovered my first flea market as a teenager and found a cute small knock-off Chanel purse I was hooked.

after moving to milan for fashion, i soon became kind of anti-fashion, in the sense of me not wanting to contribute to the mass production of fast fashion. thrift-shopping became my alternative, leading me to always look for vintage and thrift shops every time I was abroad. till today i strive for a fully thrifted closet, as i see so many benefits morally and financially.

as a mama of two, the future and how we impact it, is extremely important to me. and i'm sure it is for you too.

sign up here!

can't wait to swap with you!