Detox for Mamas

Spring has finally arrived! And we're hearing about detox this and that all over the place. Is there a detox for a mama-to-be or nursing mama though? Read on below to find out.

As we awake from our winter slumber, we commence to re-energize feeling renewed and more grounded to mother earth. Once again can we walk barefoot without freezing our butts off.

By detoxing we release toxins from our body and give our health a reboot. During winter the food we consume tend to be fatty, oily and heavy in carbs, as we need to bulk up on our winter fat. In spring, our body requires therefore a reset in order to dry out all the fatty acid in our body.

Breastfeeding mamas as well as pregnant women have to skip the detox though, as the toxins could potentially go into the mother's milk or harm our pregnancy.

Normally, we see a detox as purely a nutritional factor. Detoxing doesn't always have to be this strict only juicing diet for a week type thing. There are other ways to detox, that could do us moms a lot of good. It sometimes seems that we are so crazed to detox as if it's a quick fix for everything. In example, forming new habits that stick. It's about consistency and having the will to change.

Here is my guide of 5 ways to detox for a mama or mama to be: 

1. Detox from a bad habit. Let me name a few if they don't come into mind: coffee/caffeine, sodas, sugar, white bread, deserts, chocolate.

We all know by now that caffeine, sodas, white sugar and bread aren't the best for our health. Than let's finally act upon it and seek alternatives. Instead of sugar, which rob us from b vitamins, try maple syrup or honey which actually deliver some nutrients. Start buying whole wheat bread, sourdough bread instead of white flour. Instead of milk chocolate, try raw cacao or if that's too bold, than dark chocolate with at least 60% cacao. It might take a while to get used to, but believe me, your health will be better off and you'll notice a difference in your mental clarity and energy levels.

2. Detox from a limiting belief. 

Your heard right, detoxes are always so food-orientated. What to eat and what not. Your health is also influenced by your thoughts. We tend to have thousands and thousands of thoughts every single day, which get picked up by our cells and create a cellular pattern. It's proven that negative thoughts create an acidic environment in our body.

How do you detox from a limiting belief?

First, identify the limiting belief. Second, become consciously aware of it, every time it surfaces. In what situations does it surface? Meditate on it, rewrite it in your mind and keep practicing on rewriting it in your mind.

Realize that these limiting beliefs are harmful, and that you deserve to have gentle and loving thoughts about yourself. Especially when you have so much on your plate as a mama-to-be or a nursing mama!

3. Start a meditation practice. 

Number 3 goes very well with our previous point. Through a meditation practice, you raise awareness and connect with your true self, which can be accessed by quieting the mind and body. Starting a meditation practice helps form a number of good habits, as it teaches us dedication, determination and stillness.

4. Say bye bye to coffee! And try lemon juice water every morning. 

Ditch the coffee, that doesn't really do your digestion track much of a favor. When you drink caffeine, your body is in high alert, as it's seen as poison for the body. Also your energy levels experience a larger high and low when you're body is accustomed to "wake up" with coffee every morning. Our body naturally wakes up every morning, however, with coffee it doesn't allow that process to be established. As an alternative, you can switch over to organic decaf for awhile or even lupine coffee. However, I recommend to go cold turkey and introduce a new habit that will not send you running to the bathroom every time you drink it. Lemon juice water supports our digestion and flushes toxins from our body naturally. It's packed with vitamin C. Although sour in taste, it's actually high in alkaline value.

5. Start drinking a green juice or smoothie every day. 

Another option would be to start drinking a green smoothie or juice in the morning. If you don't have time to eat a proper breakfast or lunch, a green smoothie is a great option to still get your nutrients for the day, especially for a breastfeeding mama or mama-to-be. Enjoy a green juice to cleanse your liver and for radiant skin.

I hope you liked this article on a more holistic approach to detoxing for mamas!

much love,




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