DIY Wet Wipes

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

How I got started with essential oils

I initially gotten into essential oils by using them as a disinfectant ingredient for my household and cosmetic products I would create. I've made everything to my own laundry detergent, lip gloss, hair conditioner and I currently still manage to find enough time to make my own deodorant cream. Don't ask how I do it with these two kiddos of mine!

My Zero-Waste Journey continues

After a few failed attempts, I've finally gathered up enough courage to give my zero waste journey another shot. I'm not going 100% zero waste straight away. Since I’m the type of person that sees things as a journey. It's all a process, like everything in life. If I go ‘cold turkey’ and jump into cold water, than I know I will eventually not be able to keep up with the high demand of for example a zero waste lifestyle, end up feeling like a failure and give up entirely to not have to cope.  That’s why I’m taking it step by step. For me it's important to enjoy everything I do, so my intentions behind my actions are charged with positivity and joy.

What Zero Waste means to me

Zero Waste is a way of living to create as little to no waste as possible. Zero-Wasters go by the 3 R's: reuse, refuse and reduce.* It means going to the famer's market with your own veggie bags and containers instead of buying packaged in plastic products. It means finding alternatives to not having to get a paper to-go cup for your coffee on the run or having a sustainable tubberware and eating utensils when you're ordering take away during office hours.  Every little notion and action matters - no matter how big or small.

Now I'm already transitioning to washable diapers and now I'm making my own wet wipes with this super DIY recipe. I absolutely love the way it smells, so fresh and clean, and that it's 100% pure for my baby's little bum and sensitive skin! 

Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

This is your to-go oil when it comes to anything regarding our biggest organ, our skin. If you have a rash, eczema, or are looking for an effective disinfectant, this is the oil for you. Melaleuca, native to Australia, is antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and a strong antiseptic to a name a FEW.

You need as little as the following ingredients: 

  • 10 cloth wipes*

  • 2 sealed glass jar containers (0.5 L)

  • Coconut oil 

  • Tea tree oil 

  • Hot boiled spring or filtered water

  • Measuring cup of 1 cup or 250 ml 


First add 1 cup boiled water in the jar, wait till it simmers down a bit then add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Mix it well until all of the coconut oil dissolves. Next add 3-4 drops of 100% pure Melaleuca (tea tree) oil and mix. Now lay in as many cloth wipes as possible in the glass jar. I was able to put 5 cloth wipes in each container. Close the container and turn it upside down so that the beautiful blend spreads around. The wet wipes should only be damped, not soaked with water. You can start using them straight away for your previous baby's hiny. Only the best for our little growing human beings :)! 

On a side note, I'd like to add that you should use up the wet wipes within 3 days. Always trust your nose, if it starts to smell sour, than wash them and remake them again for future diaper changing sessions. 

This amazing recipe I got from Our Little Organic Life. Do check out her blog on more information having a zero waste baby. 

con amor,


* I used the resusable cloth wipes from Bambino

* A wonderful blog on Zero-Waste as a family is by Amanda from Mama Eats Plants