Essential Oils During Pregnancy

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Essential oils is a beautiful way to compliment your pregnancy and aid you during the entire journey and beyond. Initially, this is how I got started on essential oils. In my first pregnancy, right in the beginning, I started to have these headaches. I rarely have headaches and as a fairly healthy person, I never had the need to take medicine needless to say pain killers. But with these recurring headaches, I needed to find some ease to my pain. By looking for an alternative method, even though my gynecologist reassured me that taking a pain killer wouldn't hurt the pregnancy, I was determined to do everything as natural as possible. That's how I discovered peppermint oil. It was love at first sniff. Never again have I taken medicine of any sort ever since. Oils are my helpers, my secret weapon and my constant companions throughout all of my dis-eases, dis-comforts and emotional dis-balances.

There are a lot of different information out there on essential oils during pregnancy. It creates an uncertainty around using them at all while pregnant. But honestly, when I see the amount of synthetic vitamins that are being prescribed to pregnant ladies, I honestly need to ask myself, where our focus should be.

During both my pregnancies I used essential oils without any problems nor hesitation. I'm an intuitive person and trust my nose, and I never had any problems. As long as you don't rub half a bottle of oil onto your body, there is really no need for any alarm. However, trust your own intuition and if any uncertainties arise, check with your health practitioner on the matter.

However, what I do strictly recommend is to know the source of the essential oils at hand. It's important to know exactly what is in that little bottle of oil. I use only 100% pure and natural therapeutic oils. And I carefully dilute most of the oils (exception: lavender) before applying them. I underlined therapeutic, because not every organic essential oil have therapeutic value. 

I have no stretch marks on my belly, thanks to my lovely oils. Both of my births were intense however natural with the help of the relaxing agents of oils. I can only recommend them to any pregnant lady, either during the three trimesters and especially during labor.

Here I share some of the ways I've used oils during my pregnancy, labor and nursing - three amazing chapters in my life. All the information is backed up by many amazing women who've done the work before me. References can be found on the bottom of the article.

Safe Essential Oils during Pregnancy

German and Roman Chamomile



















Sweet Thyme

Ylang Ylang

First trimester 

Safe to sniff from the bottle:

  • Lemon, lime or grapefruit help with nausea 

  • Peppermint for energy

  • Ginger for nausea

  • Heavily diluted lavender, geranium or roman chamomile for relaxing to apply directly on your skin

  • Recommended carrier oils: coconut oil, sweet almond oil or grape-seed oil 

Second Trimester

  • Cardamom, fennel and Ginger for indigestion, gas, bloating or constipation 

  • Helichrysum and frankincense for stretch marks 

  • Massage coconut oil over nipples to prepare for breastfeeding

  • Diffuse lavender, ylang ylang for sleep or massage into pulse points and on the top of your Feet or use as a foot massage or with Epsom salt bath 

  • Massage lavender, neroli, frankincense, seabuckthorn or rose oils diluted in jojoba oil to prevent stretch marks

  • Dry brush to stimulate the endocrine, circulation, immune and detoxifying system