Find your Dharma

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Your Dharma is a gift that has only been given to you. It's your purpose in life and only you know what it is. In order to get in touch with your Dharma, you have to become subtle to the small signs and messages that are directed to you. All you have to do is listen to the signs.

Here are some possible signs:

What brings you in flow?

Is there something you do where you loose yourself in time, possibly even space? That’s when you are in the flow of things. Being in the flow is a sign of passion. It's something I definitely value in my work. I love how I can sometimes cook and bake and completely feel at calm, like a meditation. Where do you share a similar feeling?

What makes your heart sing? 

When you see or hear something, and you feel your heart pump harder, that’s a definite sign. What is it? Look into it. I remember there was a time I would go to flea markets and my heart felt so full. I absolutely enjoyed negotiating with the sellers, having to deal with real people and the eco-friendly relationship of passing on the old to someone new, instead always replacing it with newly produced items. It led me to decorate my entire home with flea market findings and rediscovering my passion for preserving our environment.

Is there something that comes rather easy to you?  

The things that come easy to us, whether it be painting or cooking, we often take for granted. However, it’s an obvious sign that you have the touch for it in your hands! Explore that part of you further.

Just start wherever your feeling leads you to. Take the first action steps and the answers will be revealed. Only when you take action, do you start to realize what it is you really want to do.

Don’t dismiss some of the ideas that come to your mind. No matter how big or small. Let the creative flow of things, take you over. All of the answers are within you.

Sat Nam,

your inés