first quarter in capricorn

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

when the moon is in an earth element, it is all about tangible steps we create in life. it is about the connection of what we can physically feel, sense, touch and see.

the earth element knows that it takes time, dedication and patience to manifest our intentions.

signs such as Capricorn representing the earth understand the need to persist. taking things step by step. trusting that every step of the way is vital to the process.

no need to hurry as the mountain goat slowly reaches the top.

as the moon is waxing, energy is increasing. our enthusiasm is gaining momentum. the moons growing light is giving us comfort to move ahead with our plans.

yet remember to seek the joy and pleasure in what you do. as that will deliver true momentum.

here are some reflection questions this moon:

♑︎ how can you take things step by step? 

♑︎ what are ways you can gain momentum? 

♑︎ how can you bring in pleasure in what you do?

as always i invite you to truly write out your answers.

explore new places within, answers might be revealed that you were not conscious about before.

hone in that increasing energy of the moon.

many moon blessings to you,

inés kelly ღ


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