first quarter moon in pisces

waxing moon energetics

after the new moon, we enter the waxing moon phase which goes about 2 weeks until it reaches full illumination. it is a powerful, positive, and optimistic period, which does not surprise me that the Sagittarius sun season began right during this waxing moon phase. as both the energies of the waxing moon and the fierey sign of Sagittarius go hand in hand.

we welcome in these Sagittarius energy of fire, optimism, great adventurous spirits and reaching for the stars. known as the archer, half man and half horse, that does not belong to this world or the other, unattached and fellow open for the new.

the further the moon is waxing, the stronger the energy rises. now as from the first quarter moon onwards is especially energy most receptive to create any abundance, prosperity or manifestation ritual.

during this moon phase, stay on track with positive affirmations, mantras, mindset and even people. surround yourself with people who wants to see you succeed.

the first quarter moon is when the moon is half illuminated in the sky. in the northern hemisphere it is the right side, whereas in the southern it is the opposite.

moon in pisces

when the first moon is in pisces, it can create for a stronger connection to our intuition than usual. emotionally the waves might come in stronger as well. pisces are often the dreamers in the zodiac. they are very connected to spirituality, science and philosophy. every zodiac rules over a body part. pisces especially rules over the feet. make sure to keep your feet warm during moon's in pisces.

on pisces moon's the energy might feel a little anxious and escapism, as oftentimes pisces longs to escape normality into a dream land. when feeling anxious turn to soothing rose/chamomile tea or calming cacao blends for the heart.

water ritual

i have a beautiful water ritual that i would love to share with you today.

what you need:

☾ a large (glass) bowl

☾ water

☾ rose/flower petals

before beginning the ritual, i recommend to cleanse your space either through smudging, healing sound (instruments) or through singing. if you have a designated sacred space or moon altar, then create the ritual there. the more ritual you create in one space, the more activated and spiritually charged that space becomes. make sure all of your ritual items and your altar is place.

make sure you are leaving your every day burdens behind and connecting with your higher self in this moment. be aware of where your thoughts, emotions and intentions are going to and be fully present in this moment.

either recall your new moon intention(s) or bring them in front of you when you wrote them down. now, take the large bowl and fill it up about half way with water. make sure you have the rose petals next to you.

take one petal after another and place them in the bowl full of water. with every petal you place in the water bowl, place an intention onto the petal of the enlightened steps you will create towards your intentions. it could also be intentions of how you feel when you receive your desired new moon intentions. it could also be you reciting to yourself what you will receive and how it will exactly look like. stay extremely focused in this moment while you affirm your heart's desires to each petal.

when you are done, you can then place an essential oil that you feel especially drawn to. keep the bowl at your moon altar for at least one full night/day. afterwards you can use the rose petals and water to form part of a lavishing bath of abundance for you to bathe in all of your loving wishes and intentions to really soak it all in. i would do that tomorrow evening for you to really induldge in the pisces moon and absorb the water element to the fullest. make sure you take the bath before the full moon however.

another option would to create an offering to the Earth and return it back to her to soak into ther innate wisdom. whatever your soul feels most called to do.

i would love to hear from you and you created ritual this first quarter moon in pisces!