first quarter moon in scorpio

from 20:39 the moon shifts from Libra to Scorpio

We reached the First Quarter when the moon is half illuminated on the right and half dark on the left. In reality the moon never shrinks or grows, it is merely the reflection of the sun that illuminates different parts of her.

During this phase the Sun and the Moon are squared. An aspect in astrology defines the relationship between two planets and many degrees apart they are in a chart. A square means that the Sun and the Moon are about 90 degrees apart and create challenging, even stressful energy. As momentum energetically begins to rise, so does the pressure. We are heading towards Full Moon territory after all.

Especially after the First Quarter moon, the tension becomes more intense. However, with this pressure, we can use it as fuel to set our ass on fire and take aligned action. Instead of procrastinating and waiting for when things are seemingly “perfect”. Let me break it to you, things are never going to be perfect. After taking step one, maybe the needle doesn’t move much. And that is ok - keep on taking those steps, stay on course and use this intuitive energy to tune into what steps your Soul craves to take.

When we are too deeply in our feminine, we lack the drive to bring things into movement. This is a shadow aspect of the feminine. As in reality, we need both of our masculine and feminine energies to create the momentum.

A healthy masculine is focused. A healthy feminine knows to feel what intuitively is right to do now. And then trustingly hands it over to the Universe to receive.

First Quarter in Scorpio

Tonight the moon flows into the mystical Scorpio, a water sign. Being a complex sign it has two ruling planets. Ruled by Pluto and Mars. Pluto represents the transformative qualities of said sign, while Mars its ambitious and dominant nature.

It is tied to the 8th house of spiritual rebirth, the cycles of birth/life/death and transformation.

Use the energy of the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio to hone into the unseen. Dive deep in your inner world tonight when creating ritual and tuning into the lunar energy.

One way I love to do so is through journaling which I see as a tool to channel words, messages and guidance from your spirit guides.

How to do so:

Prepare the space by lighting a candle, incense, burning palo santo to connect with your guides. Make sure to have an offering for your moon altar, such as flowers, water, fruit, etc.

Once your sacred space is ready. Open the space by stating an affirmation, mantra or by tuning in through your breath with one hand over your heart. On a Water Moon, I like to hold a glass of water in my hands or over my heart and allow water to absorb my intention. Call in your helping and compassionate spirit guides. Now your space has been activated.

Afterwards take out your journal, and set an intention to be open and receptive to what messages would like to be revealed.

Align with your spirit guides before beginning, by closing your eyes and imagining how the top of your head is being showered with white light. Feel how your Crown Chakra is gently opening. Remain here for at least 7 breaths in and out.

Now you can begin to journal whatever has been on your heart and what your intentions are. Allow your pen to have a life of its own, without thinking too much just write whatever comes to your mind. Recall your New Moon intentions, and ask for divine guidance.

Whatever comes on paper, as abstract or simple it might sound. Sit with that for a moment. And if you are unsure of what to do next, ask your guides - what does this message mean? Journal around that. You might have to circle back to this circle a few times to fully understand the hidden jewels. Allow yourself to sit with the message you receive and see how it makes you feel.

Reflection questions:

Dive deeper into your emotional world this Scorpio moon with these questions:

♏︎ What is something you know you need to do, but are afraid of doing it? What could be the worst thing that happens if you take a leap of faith?

♏︎ Make a list of divine action-steps to take around your New Moon intention(s).

♏︎ Which one do you feel the most drawn to t