Updated: Jan 10, 2018

Have you ever wondered why a child’s skin is soft? Reason is that their cells are repairing themselves in high speed. As we get older our cell repair slows down and we don’t help the process by using chemical products and a ton of skin care products, which we don’t even need. Really all we need is water to wash our face and maybe an essential oil or two. Shocking how low maintenance our skin actually is!

A good skin care oil is jojoba oil in combination with frankincense. And exfoliate once a week with coffee ground and coconut oil.

On an emotional level, frankincense also known as the oil of truth, reminds us that we are loved when we feel abandoned or forgotten or have given into negativity. It nurtures our relationship to our father, as it guides and protects as a loving father would. For meditation this oil and powerful cleanser is suited adequately. Feel divinely protected with frankincense.

How to use:

  • diffuse 3-4 drops

  • apply topically 1-2 with jojoba oil or other carrier oil and massage onto skin to help reduce skin imperfections

  • take 1 drop internally with veggie capsule for cellular function support

  • apply to bottom of the feet for a feeling of wellness and relaxation (one drop per foot)

Let’s talk oils: what’s one of your favorites?

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