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full moon in capricorn

feeling deeply attuned to this Full Moon. not only is it in my ascendant sign, however, my menstrual cycle synced up with the full moon. coincidence? not in my world at least.

capricorn is the symbol of the mountain, the polar opposite of cancer. where cancer creates the ebb and flow of the tides, capricorn contains the ocean.

in astrology polarity in life very much exists. every 12 astrological sign has a pole that creates for a gravitional pull for it to stay up right. the full moon is the blend of those two polar opposite sides that stand in opposition of one another.

the new moon symoblizes the beginning of a lunar cycle. during the waxing moon momentum is built. action-steps are made to make our dreams a reality. it is the build-up. that is when the full moon comes in. the peak of the cycle. when tension is at its highest. that is when energy pops out of pressure. this explains why the full moon energy is not always the easiest to navigate for many. here is an article on how to navigate the high pressure demands of the full moon.

however, like in everything in life, there lies the potential to master life when we allow it. that is the trick to the full moon. the more turbulent, the bigger the lesson. if things are feeling tense and turbulent - how can you lean into what the universe is trying to convey with you?

depending on the astrological sign it can also have a bigger influence on you or not. so, if you have a lot of Capricorn in your chart, then you might be feeling it more than others.

what is this Full Moon bringing up for you?

capricorn full moon ♑︎

capricorn an earth sign that reminds us about our higher purpose and life's work. the mountain goat that steadily climbs up to the mountain top. it knows where it is going, it has a plan, it takes it one step after another.

on a Full Moon in Capricorn, ask yourself - how can I take things one step at a time? you might not see the mountain top, it could be cloudy up there. but can you trust that it is there? can you lean into the unknowing of the end destination and return to what you can do NOW?

and if you feel like you have no plan - what structure can you give yourself in your day-to-day? what can you do to make yourself feel safe and held? cause that is what a plan and structure does essential. it gives us that feeling of safety. ask yourself, is that what you are truly seeking that validation of safety and that is why I feel guilty because I have no plan? maybe there are other ways that you can give yourself that sensation of being safe. all earth signs crave that deep down and it makes sense, because when you think about it. they are the Earth, the soil, the foundation beneath us. if that is not secure, than how can the rest of us build on top or get anywhere if the foundation is all lopsided?

every full moon is the polar opposite sign of the astrological sun sign. the sun is currently in cancer until the 20th of July. the moon is now in the earth sign, capricorn. in zurich, switzerland, the full moon will be at precisely 20:39 and 3°27’ in Capricorn.

every high has a low

where cancer invites us to feel as deep as the ocean, capricorn asks us to rely on our logical brain. both of these astrological signs can create for interesting friction on the full moon.

where can I steer away from the low vibrations of Cancer and Capricorn?

be cautious that your motivation is not the one of prooving your worthiness in any which way. know that you are innately worthy, no matter your external achievements in business, life, home, relationships, etc.

where can I embody the high vibrations of Cancer and Capricorn?

bring in these innate leadership qualities of the workplace, home and emotions into your life. how can I become a more embodied version of myself - in terms of the way I go about my emotions of myself and others? the way I go about reaching my visions in life?

finally, what low vibrations are you ready to release/fully integrate this Full Moon?

shamanic moon ritual

as I like to work with the elements of the astrological signs that connect us so beautifully with the Earth. use the element of the Earth as your guide this Full Moon. give a physical offering to the Earth, either a letter, flowers, a rock - be creative.

choose a spot in nature that you feel drawn to. that is your power place for the ritual. set the intention of what you desire to release/integrate into your being. what new foundations are you ready to create to build upon?

set the intention, before handing it over to Earth. bless it. fill it up with your loving intentions.

sending you infinite moon blessings,

Inés Kelly x


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