full moon in taurus

as the universe had to have it, my birthday is on the full moon. as you know - this year has been all about living in tune with the moon.

i don't know about you - but it's been turbulent for some, as Scorpio - being a deep, emotional and sensitive water-sign - things might go to dark places, where normally you might try to avoid.

scorpio is all about peering through the darkness and shedding light on what wants to remain hidden. Fear not - as also your shadows want to be loved and fully integrated.

taurus is ruled by the planet of venus, thus is a true lover of life under the signs. she knows how to indulge, enjoy and savor life to the fullest.

in her highest expression, she is grounded, certain of her worth and what she wants.

in her lower vibrations, she is stubborn, hard to budge and not open for change.

taurus and scorpio stand in exact opposition of each other astrologically. creating for an interest contrast.

on this full moon, reflect on how you consume in life. what are things you indulge in and why do you consume them - why do you deem you need them. take a look at the emotions you are trying to fulfill behind them.

as every action, every desire, every impulse is driven by emotion.

we in reality don't really "just" want the sweater, the vacation, the house, the boyfriend, etc. we are driven by the emotions that will come WITH those things or experiences.

become crystal clear on what is truly serving you to reach your highest potential or goals, and what is just masking certain wounds and shadows that we can now heal with the transformative healing energy of scorpio.

have a blissful full moon in taurus,

stay grounded.

remain peaceful through the deep waters.

it will be OK.

much love,

here to support,

much darkness + light,

inés kelly ღ

p.s. download my full moon releasing ritual journal for your every full moon experience.

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