full moon in taurus

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

every full moon delivers the perfect opportunity to look at where in life are we receiving what we desire. this phase of our lunar cycle symbolizes the harvest season of summer. it is when our manifestations come through. on the flipside, it could also point us in the direction of growth and what we are not yet fully embodying in order to receive.

this is what taurus is calling us to do this full moon. the bull woman, stubborn in her nature, persistent in her being, she desires stability more than anything else. when she has the room to unravel her being and move around in her cautious manner. ruled by the planet venus, making her a warm, gentle and loving being when her energies are balanced. within her is the element of Earth.

the element of earth is the physical. it is firm and sustainable. it also represents the Wise Woman and the inner Witch. our physical being alike is a vehicle and vessel for abundance.

the taurus is the polar-opposite of our current sun sign, scorpio. as everything has two sides to the coin. both fixed and feminine signs, however their characteristics are being fueled from two different ends.

where scorpio strives to unravel the spiritual world and the unknown, taurus strives in the material world, as she loves to surround herself by beautiful objects and personal possessions.

the body part that is ruled by taurus is the neck and throat which might explain why they are often times very communicative and well-articulated beings. having a sore throat around taurus days might point to a blocked throat chakra and the possibility of you needing to speak your truth.

the sun is shining its light onto the moon which is reflecting back to us on Earth. and as the moon represents emotions, intuition, the unknown and feminine energies, she is showing us exactly where we can expand as conscious beings.

emotions can be quite intense around the full moon. even more so on a blue full moon like on the 31st of october 2020. blue moons happen only every 2.5 years. it charges the lunar energy to an extent that can feel overwhelming and turbulent (especially during scorpio season). with 6 planets in retrograde no wonder the tension!

creating ritual tonight is a way to seize the moment on an energetically charged night like the Blue Full Moon on Halloween.

how to create ritual on a blue moon:

☽ decorate your moon altar with the elements

☽ smudge your space, turn on your favorite music and light your candles

☽ take your journal and write down an intention of where you would like to see yourself in 2.5 years on the next blue full moon

☽ take a crystal into your left hand and another in your right hand to connect with the Earth element and meditate on your intention

☽ give your body a good shake/dance for you to connect with the Earth element sign of Taurus

other full moon rituals:

☽ place a jug of water outside or by your windowsill to create moon water

☽ take a full moon walk dressed in white to draw in the lunar energies and balance hormones through the lunar natural lighting