full moon lunar eclipse in gemini

not only full moon vibes but lunar eclipse vibes

eclipse season occurs every 6 months and always comes in 2's or 3's. we start off this eclipse season with first a lunar eclipse following with a solar eclipse.

the difference between the lunar eclipse is that it is an occurrence only happening on a full moon. whereas a solar eclipse happens on the new moon.

eclipses bring radical change and endings. it is a time to cut cords in a massive way. depending on the astrological ties that are involved can bring up various topics. on this eclipse season we begin with a full moon lunar eclipse in gemini. with the north node in gemini also in retrograde standing in exact opposition to the sun in sagittatrius.

gemini & sagittarius - polar opposites

from all of the polar opposites in the zodiac calendar, i would say that gemini and sagittarius, although different, possess the most shared qualities. both are mutable signs, meaning they are energetic beings and grand lovers of change.

gemini being an air sign processes their feelings through speak. this sign can talk a mile a minute and always has something remarkably witty and interesting to say. possibly being an air sign breathes in more air for them to let it out vocally. they are the type of people that like to contemplate every angle of a situation before making a decision. and even then are they still open for change, another argument or opinion. air signs are correlated to intellect, inspiration, higher consciousness, art, curiosity, social values and innovation. as a low vibration (which all the signs have), gemini's can be indecisive, emotional cold, overanayltic, flaky and burden by too many thoughts.

sagittarius being a fire sign processes their feelings through action. the spontaneous and enthusiastic of the bunch. when they feel emotions, they require action, to do something in some form to bring relief to their very firey heart. they are full of passion, light, optimism and higher values. for them the most important value to have is the one of justice and truth. fire signs are in general associated to transmutation (the ability to transform), self-worth, creativity, spiritual warriors, and a deep passion for life and their purpose. as a low vibration, sagittarius tend to be self-centered and overrighteous believing only their stand point is the one and only.

both, in reality, fire and air fuel one another. without air, fire would not rise as high to the sky. making them, when operating from their higher truthes, an amazing team and alley to have. both are known advocates of freedom and humanity.

what happens during the full moon is that the sun is standing in direct opposition to the moon. shedding all of it's light onto the moon. in astrology, when two signs stand in direct opposition from each other than it causes for a challenging energy. it is also referred to a polarity in other words.

moon in gemini

when the moon is in gemini, it is said that people might feel like they are overthinking things more than usual. they might feel an anxiousness or nervousness during these days for those who are out of tune with their air element.

gemini is associated to the pairs we have in our bodies, i.e. arms, shoulders, lungs, hands and fingers. you might be feeling a bit more cold in these body parts than usual during gemini moon days. make sure to keep yourself warm and fuel your fire within by drinking warm teas. balancing air element teas during this day are peppermint, lavender, passionfruit, fennel, rosemary and spearmint.

during this particular full moon lunar eclipse, your inner themes can vary from feeling overburded by thought to feeling weirdly wired and energized to your shadows being finally revealed to the light.

breathing exercise - connect with your inner air element

before we enter our journaling practice for this full moon, i invite you to take 10 long and deep breaths all the way down to your womb, filling up your belly, and letting it out again almost contracting your stomach. let the entire air back, and then again breathe all the way back in. breathe in through your nose and back out through you mouth until you completed the 10 breathes.

here are some reflection questions for you:

♊︎ what am i ready to energetically cut the cords to?

♊︎ what is no longer serving me anymore in my life, business, work, relationships?