Green Juice Recipe

detoxifying, liver flush, for glowing skin

Celery juice has quickly become a household stapler around here. Just celery alone was a bit dull. However, add green apples and a kick of lemon juice to the mix, creating a kickass combination of flavors. I enjoy this recipe mostly in the mornings before eating anything else.

Celery juice helps relieve brain fogginess, clears up skin issues and cleanses the liver. Perfect for a spring detox, or detoxing the body before pregnancy, or even during pregnancy when you're looking for a way to add some more nutrient value to your diet.

All you need is a juicer and the following ingredients:

1 stalk of celery 

3-4 green apples 

1 lemon

optional: 1 chunk of ginger


Add all the ingredients one by one to the juicer and enjoy!

Side note: Drink all of the juice on the same day if possible. Otherwise it turns into a brownish color (due to the apples) which isn't very appealing for the eye.


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