Green Smoothie à la Inés

energizing, tangy, packed with iron&vitamin c  

I love smoothies. Especially in the summer when I think it's adequate to consume cold and raw foods. It’s almost like my body is yearning for food that cools my body temperature down to cope with heat. 

I’m play around my smoothie recipes quite a lot and decided to share some of my versions of a green smoothie with you. This is version number 2 of Green Smoothie à la Inés is back with a smoothie that is energizing as well as packed with iron and vitamin c. 

Lately my energy levels have been feeling a little sluggish. As a breastfeeding mom, I require more iron than others. Possibly a reason for my tiredness. So, I came up with this smoothie recipe to help restore my energy level that I so require as a mom of two.

MacaA superfood from Peru. It helps increase energy and endurance.

Stinging nettle seeds (in German: Brennnesselsamen) packed with iron.

Vitamin C A must to absorb iron. It can be found in the pear as well as the rosehip powder (in German Hagebutte). 

Matcha Green tea powder in it’s highest quality. Unlike coffee, it doesn’t give you the up’s and down’s in your energy level, however delivers a stable form of caffeine throughout the day.


2 cubes of frozen spinach 

1 pear

1 tsp matcha powder

1 tsp maca powder

1 tsp roseship powder (Hagebutte) 

1 tsp stinging nettle seeds (Brennesselsamen) 

1 small piece of cucumber 

1 handful walnuts

1 tsp almond butter 

2 tsp maple syrup or more 

Garnish with coconut chips, brennesselsamen and blueberries for contrast in taste


Mix all ingredients in your blender or NutriBullet until smooth. This recipe isn’t naturally sweet, so if you have more of a sweet tooth, than sweeten it to your liking. Garnish with blueberries for an amazing contrast to the smoothie. Enjoy!