happy halloween, witches

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

honoring our ancestors is part of the witches new year otherwise known as samhain. what we are currently experiencing right now is thanks to the people who came before us.

in western cultures our existential needs are met. we are in these moments living a life that our ancestors couldn't even fathom, especially for many women.

giving thanks to those ancestors is a big part of the meaning of today. also it marks the beginning of the season of winter as well as the end of the harvest season.

light a candle for your ancestors tonight, honor them, and give thanks to them.

ancestral healing has been coming up for me a lot lately. a subject that i'm now ready to look at and heal my lineage.

i very often realize that many of my thoughts, actions and reactions are separate from me. meaning that they're not really my own. i'm merely reacting in ways that my genetic code has been programmed to.

it's weird sometimes, and partially tricky to explain, because it's like having an out of body experience. i'm there, acting or better said reacting in a certain way, yet consciously i'm aware that this is conditioning, and no longer do i want to carry out this limiting pattern. knowing that this is not my core essence.

i've created a video for you on a meditation called healing ancestral karma. it's a kundalini meditation, that takes 11 minutes. in the first video i speak about ancestral healing and explain the meditation. the second video i practice with you. the video, you can find on my Instagram TV here.

do this meditation for the next 40 days in order to experience a true shift in your subconscious and energetic field.

feeling blessed that I’ve incarnated in this lifetime in the Aquarian age, having the freedom of speech, being able to live out my true purpose and not suppress my own wants and needs.

enjoy this day of magic.

magic is real. ✨✨

inés kelly ღ