healing with the moon

the moon is more than an illuminating vessel in the sky. just like everything holds different energetics, frequencies in this wonderful universe of ours, including ourselves.

as the moon ebbs and flows from one phase into another, so do we, humans. especially women for many reasons, one being that our cycle reflects the one of the moon.

in those moments where our emotions spiral, it feels never-ending. almost like we will be trapped in that moment forever. that is the deception our ego perceives to be true, when it is being triggered. it is still running on old programming based out of past experience.

one practice you can do to heal that overwhelm of emotions is to anchor in your own energy with the one of the moon. use Mama Luna as a reminder of how fleeting those moments can be of deep emotions. how we are forever changing, forever growing in size, until we release again.

like the moon, allow yourself to flourish and grow, until it is time to release until you are empty again ready for the next cycle/phase.

Mama Luna teaches us that these moments will shift shortly, however not if we attach story to them, not if we dwell and identify too deeply to the pain. that is when energy becomes stagnant.

feel it out and let the energy flow through your veins, dropping the stories and place a hand over your hand and imagine how the moons energy is drawing into your whole being transmuting those emotions to a higher frequency.

thank you for reading, my dear reader.

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many moon blessings your way,

inés kelly

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