Her Voice Event

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

On Friday night I went to an event called Her Voice with my mother. She knew one of the speakers. That's how we heard of the event. I've was drawn to attend it the moment I've heard of it. I feel strongly about women's rights, and if you know me well, than you know it's something I'm passionate about.

The event gave a platform to a number of inspirational speakers to share their stories. Under them was a female-rights activist, an educational consultant, the founder and CEO of Women's Expo and many more amazing women.

I really liked how Angie, a female rights activist put it, and I'm paraphrasing here: 'everyone gets intimidated by all the things strong women have accomplished, but we're actually just ordinary women, and we all had to start somewhere.' At the end of her speech she concluded with 'anyone can do it'.

And I agree, you don't need a Harvard degree or have a bunch of references to get somewhere. All you need is the intention, to feel compelled to act and then to act upon it! Her brutal past brought immediate tears to my eyes, and I felt her wounds, as she spoke and I admired her bravery for speaking her brutal truth!

The way things unfolded in Mary Gfeller's life was very interesting to hear. Sometimes things unfold in due time with bumps on the road. But you get where you need to be, if you let it happen. Her affiliation to snow and mountains brought her to the right place here in Switzerland and to her husband.

I loved the natural way Lisa Chuma spoke, and I felt really inspired to SPEAK UP and ask for something when I want it. 'No one is going to speak for you!' as she so strongly put. Who's going to market you better than YOU. And she's so right. How foolish we can be by hoping that we will be somehow discovered one day and keep our talents and wishes on the down low. You get to the places you want to be by putting yourself out there and daring greatly.

Barbara Roux-Levra with so much charm and wit, reminded me how good relationships can bring us the most happiness. I can definitely relate to her on so many levels! I was her. I am her. She used to be the 'nice girl' wanting to please everyone and she eventually attracted a narcissistic man in her life who couldn't be pleased no matter what. Until she finally decided, it was not her, who was the problem in the relationship and that's when she walked out of her marriage and started to validate herself. Now she's inspiring other women to become kick-ass. Love her & her energy!

Bianca Kux - Entrepreneur, Peak Potential Coach / President of Rich Women Cashflow Club - with a squeaky voice as she claimed to have one, but what I heard was a strong female voice with so much direction in her life. I loved how she acknowledged different sides of herself. Reminding me how our fears can be quite thrilling, especially when we face them. She left us with a question: who makes you shine? That question brought tears to my eyes, as I say the faces of my sons in front of me. They make me want to be better every single day!

Regine Finschi's devotion to word of the Bible and Jesus Christ is admirable. Although I don't share the same beliefs, it's always nice to see how religion and spirituality can bring so much peace and foundation to our lives. Definitely would love to learn more about her teaching work abroad in Sri Lanka. 

Stephanie E.A. Hannover, an Inspirational Speaker, was super cool. I felt so much love from her, although I never even met her prior to the event. What she radiates, is beautiful. I approached her after the talk and she immediately grabbed my hands and held them. I want to see and meet more people like her on this planet.

She conveyed that love and forgiveness is the answer to peace on earth which I agree completey. She spoke about a study called the 'A Study' that reveals that all our sickness or dis-eases are linked to our past trauma! Something I intuivitely always felt.

Although this information is out there, it's strangely enough rarely in the media or acknowledged by doctors. 

Winnie Ojanga was the lady who brought all of these ladies together. The backbone of the operation, who is passionate about story telling. By setting a date and finding a venue, she had a vision which she fulfilled and there will be much more women inspired by women in the future.

Thank you, Winnie, and all of the inspiring speakers and everyone I met!