how I initially connected with the moon

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my journey with the moon initially started when I was a little girl. we used to take road trips all the time growing up in the US.

with long roads in front of us the sky above us would seem like a vast blanket. I remember looking up at the sky and gazing at the moon in awe.

that soft present in my life always felt safe to me.

i remember my own mother making moon water and dressing in white on the full moon.

eventually the moon faded away from my life until years later.

until I became a mother myself.

my menstrual cycle started again, after only 6 weeks post-partum despite breastfeeding full-time. my midwife suggested that i must be quite fertile.

I did some research, and stumbled upon a sentence that touched me deeply: ‘women who tend to bleed more, are connected to the moon.

that sentence sat in my very soul. it felt so right, so true.

i was always that friend that would send text messages: ‚look at the moon‘.

I had this inexplicable connection to the moon.

my curiosity was ignited and i followed my intuition to learn more.

moon rituals came into my life.

the moon phases were infused in my journaling practice.

astrology came back into my life through a friend who gave me a spontaneous reading.

all this leading me to want to learn and share what I was learning.

quite intuitively I started writing on the moon phases and astrological signs they were in. i started sharing my musings and journals I created.

later to hold moon circles to further share my wisdom around the moon and rituals. mostly importantly to hold space for women. La Luna Circle was born.

soon after my first online course, Moon Magic and then my weekly lunar reading, Moon Musings.

Mama Luna comes into our lives in many subtle and unexpected ways.

she is the gatekeeper to the night sky, grandmother to our beloved Mother Earth and Father Sky.

if you feel the calling to learn more about her ebb and flow, you know where to find me and her teachings.

begin as simple as creating an intention for the lunar cycle on a new moon night. it is simple, it is free, it is powerful.

sending many moon blessings your way, and i aspire that you one day will feel as captivated by her presence as i do.


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