letter to all earthlings

Dear Black People, 

Dear White People, 

Dear Brown People, 

Dear Yellow People, 

Dear Red People, 

Dear Pink People,

Dear Earthlings, 

We sometimes forget that Earth doesn’t belong to us. But that we belong to her. We are a part of this beautiful blue planet we inhabit. 

This planet is a living macro-organism. It is a combination of many diverse living beings of all kinds from animals, humans, plants, sea life - from the visible and the invisible. From the known to the unknown. 

The Earth covers so many different terrains that it is merely impossible for us to know everything. 

But isnt that the beauty of it all? 

That despite the diversity, the differences in eco-systems, in climates, regions - we are all on this very same planet. Having the same Mother Earth. 

Then why do we feel so threatened by one another?

By the diversity of someone elses race? 

When we all belong here - 

there is a reason why we are all here. 

To co-inhabit together. 

Otherwise we wouldnt be here. 

The diversity, 

the different races, 

wouldn’t all be here, 

if there wasn’t room for everyone. 

There is room for absolutely all life on this planet,. 

Let us understand that we are part of this living organism called Earth. 

That we are all connected, if we believe it or not. 

That we are all one, however hippy-dippy that might sound. 

It is fact. 

And we need to start acting like the fact.

Because when you hurt one of your colored Brothers or Sisters, you are actually hurting yourself!

Causing for deeper wounds.

Fishing out all the traumas held within us for centuries of oppression.

We are the living and breathing proof of that evolution of those who came before us. 

And we are now ready for an upgrade of consciousness.  

That we get out of that fight/fight/frozen mode and enter a new reality, where we are conscious beings of eternal love. That we act from a place of emotional intelligence. This might not happen right away, but with trust, enlightened actions, we are on the path to something great. 

Depending where we direct our energy, we can create mayhem, 

yet with that same energy just tweaked, we can create peace. 

Believe that it can be so. 

Believe that it is so. 

Understand your position in life. That you privileged to be alive, to have a voice, to stand up to injustice, without getting killed. Use your power for good! 

Recite with me: 

I am now contributing to the collective energy with high vibrational thoughts, words, actions and energy. I am part of the solution and I am doing what I can right here, and right now. I am on my own path of higher learning and open and receptive to do and be better. 

Thank you, Universe for showing me the way on how I can contribute energetically, physically, spiritually and emotionally. And so it is.

I am sending you all much love, while we continue to raise consciousness and awareness.

Together we unite,