lunar wisdom

have you ever wondered about the moon? looked up in the sky in pure awe of the full moon or in curiosity of the thin line of the crescent moon.

the moon has since centuries been a mystery to humanity. yet has offered guidance in my subtle and non-subtle ways.

many ancient cultures based their calendar on the lunar cycle. the 12-13 different moons of the year. our ancient ancestors knew very well the immense power and wisdom that the moon had to offer. they noticed early on the synchroncity women had with the moon, as their cycle resembled the one of the moon. it was then that women played a major role in the tribe's healing, ceremonial activities, serving as the backbone of the community.

the woman was honored.

the cycles were honored.

and so they lived in peace with the earth.

lunar wisdom is something that we all have the capability of tapping into. it is something that is felt in your bones, meaning something you know and acknowledge through feeling.

once we begin to honor one cycle - either it be seasons of nature, or the menstrual cycle, or the cycle of the moon, we begin to hone in that energy, align our own with such. life becomes more of a flow. it becomes more compassionate, as we begin to understand that there is a time for everything. and even when life seems stagnant and life-less, then that it just as needed, for the next season up ahead.

moon wisdom keepers are those who have been passing on the knowledge of the moon, her ebb and flow, making others become aware of her flux. she is the educator in all things cycles bringing enlightenment to those around her.

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moon blessings,

inés kelly