menstrual wisdom: how to relieve pms

this is based on my personal experience. i'm not claiming that i'm some type of expert on the topic, but rather a person who incarnated into this body that is dedicated to learn more about our menstrual wisdom and share it with others.

so, if you're looking for some type of medical studies, resources or confirmations to what we innately know within our bodies through nature, than you're not going to find it here.

this is purely from my personal experience as the feminine embodiment i've chosen to be in this lifetime and of course out of all my self-study on the matter.

our premenstrual phase, symbolizes the season of fall. it's also referred to as our creative phase, as it's in reality an active phase. during this phase, we have the ability to access our creativity and intuition on a deeper level.

As any relationship, we, too, can learn and benefit a lot from our menstrual cycle. i love to refer it to menstrual wisdom. as it's something that is deeply rooted in us, in our nature as women. Read more here on how my relationship to my own cycle grew into one of appreciation over the years.

bleeding is a sign of fertility. our lifeblood is a gift, as is our cycle. as it brings us in touch with our intuition, and gives us signals from the body, to when we need to come back to it and honor ourselves more.

as women, our emotions and hormones fluctuate. as the moon, we wax and wane throughout one cycle. we are never always the same. once we start to accept this fact about ourselves, we can live from a place of self-empowerment instead of feeling the like the victim under our monthly cycle.

pms is in reality nothing but reminders of our body to come to ourselves. as any symptoms we experience in the physical form. it simply means that we are out of balance. as i choose to see the human being as a wholistic being, i believe that the physical is what appears to be almost the last warning sign of our out of balance state. which serves as the final reminder to bring things back in order.

therefore, when we experience pms, it's usually a sign that we are not honoring our body as we should. perhaps we are trying to force ourselves to be like we normally are like for example during our spring or summer phase of our cycle, when we feel our most productive and outgoing.

during our premenstrual phase, we are experiencing slow shut down to the outer world. we are coming back to our inner world. we become automatically more introverted in our ways, seeking possibly more time with ourselves. as others might easily agitate us. not that they're doing anything wrong. but it's just a simple reminder to honor where are at and be with ourselves until we emerge back from our fall/winter phase with new energy.

the more we honor our current state during these phases, the more will be able to bounce back to our daily life, business and social settings with a renewed sense of energy.

1. honor your body

therefore, my first tip is to honor your current mood. if you notice that others are bugging you, than maybe you should spend some time with yourself. take a bath with mineral salts and essential oils. do a self-care ritual that you makes you feel rejuvenated. cook yourself a beautifully delicious meal - just because. or netflix in bed. take time to rest and honor your body. the worse the pains, the more you might be ignoring your body and it's needs.

2. dance

i am an advocate of dance and music. as an extremely moody person, music speaks to the depth of my soul and can uplift me within seconds. during our premenstrual/fall phase, we shouldn't be doing any overactive physical activity. we should be saving our energies. however, dance embodies the feminine so well, that it's somatic dancing, or simply give your body a good shake, meaning dancing intuitively as you feel like with music you love, does your Soul well. it's a very feminine way of moving the body, which we women need to move those hips and activate our womb and creative energy in our sacral.

3. the monthly blend - clary calm

as most of you know, i'm a huge advocate of plant medicine. using 100% pure therapeutic oils have given me so much relief, especially when it comes to premenstrual symptoms. i use a blend called the monthly blend that contains clary sage, lavender amongst other oils. it helps regulate hormones and stabilize emotions. i apply it over my lower abdomen, over my ovaries a number of times a day until i feel relief in symptoms. try it!

new to essential oils? learn more here.

4. find a creative outlet

as our premenstrual phase is actually considered still an active phase in our cycle. as our energies feel wilder than usual. almost uncontrollable at times we don't know if we want to cry or laugh or even kill someone. having a creative outlet can gives us a sense of release like no other. find out how you like to express yourself creatively and engage in creative activities during your creative phase/premenstrual phase. schedule some creative writing or other creative endevour during this time of the month. many women tend to find they can flow better in their creatively during their premenstrual phase. try it out and see if it changes anything in your mood.

i really hope you were able to have a few takeaways from this article and i definitely would love to hear if you did. send me an e-mail and let me know what your key takeaway was.

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much love to you and your cycle,