musings of my cycle: day 27

day 27

current feeling: vulnerable + emotional

overall feeling tension in my body, other than that no other physical discomfort at the moment.

my premenstrual phase was experienced on an emotional level this time, and not so much physical like the past 2 cycles.

but think the emotional sensitivity is far than enough to cope with. as emotions came seem more overwhelming than physical symptoms.

with the physical discomfort we have remedies, herbs, oils and much more. for the emotions, we have normally learned from society how to numb and suppress them.

I sat down to journal out the sadness I was feeling inside. all weekend, it kept coming up, however i wasn't ready to look.

sometimes I think I feel too much, take on emotions of others and for this I need to cleanse my own energy. putting words onto paper really helps me sort out my feelings and find release. a place of complete non-judgment, and only pure unconditional love.

without a doubt, it all came hurling out like a ball of sadness. the tears starting pouring out like raindrops of sorrow and grief.

i felt through it, i cried, i journaled, i reflected. gifting me with perspective.

the messaging of healing ancestry lineage, has become once again apparent.

i free myself from past wounds + negative, limiting patterns. therefore you are free, as i am free.

right on time for the highly transformative vibrations of the full moon. time to release.

i hand it all to the universe,

and acknowledge past wounds,

past conditioning,

yet i know they are separate from me,

as my core essence is one of transformational love, forgiveness and compassion.

thank you for showing me the way, once again.

i am now redirected to love,

i choose love.

for when i heal, future generations will heal, as well as past ones, will find peace.

sat nam.

inés kelly ღ

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