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my journaling story

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

ever since i was a little girl, i loved to journal. it's been something that's been my faithful companion since i was about 7 years old.

throughout the years, i've always had a journal. of course there were phases were i wrote more than others. but in overall, i could always find seclusion to explore my deepest emotions and thoughts.

on the photo here is actually my first journal ever. hot pink of course and i called her sally.

Levin and I were reading through my journal that day, which made us both giggle on numerous occasions. Some of my worries or thoughts seemed so silly when I read them nowadays. But that's how I felt back then.

reading my thoughts and feelings out loud from such a different time in my life made me realize how much we change over time and how capable we are of change. so often we hear things like people don't change or that person is too old to change.

how is it possible that we can evolve our consciousness from when we were young to old but not when we're older? Do we just stop changing or evolving at a certain age?

we are naturally inclined to grow, and not because we age, not only intellectually or physically, but also consciously. it goes to show how expansive we are as beings.

self-exploration is beneficial to everyone. as it's practicing non-judgment. it's not our place to judge really. as we're all on the path of higher consciousness. having a journal lets us for once speak to our selves in a kinder and more compassionate way.

i'm putting together a 5-day challenge for you to get you journaling and in touch with your energetic phases as a cyclical woman.

it's for the woman who is interested in self-exploration and obtaining self-knowledge of herself. i can't wait to share more with all you lunar beings.

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much love for now,

inés kelly


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