How I switched to Natural Deodorants

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

By making my own household and beauty products, I was introduced to oils such as melaleuca, lavender and lime. Initially this is how I got started with essential oils.

My Deodorant Journey

I used to be addicted to deodorant sticks and would use them up in no time! Reason being: I stank. You heard right, I had stinky armpits. I felt so ashamed as a teenager and I would try to cover up my "smell" through synthetic perfumes and deodorant. 

As many other people, I would ignore certain “symptoms”. Even though it was an obvious cry for help from my body. I tried masking my body odor, as I felt inconvienced by it. So I would basically clog up my armpits. Little did I know is that I was making the problem worse. 

Fast forward a few years later, I became pregnant and more aware of my body than ever before. It was then that I experienced my biggest revelation. I started cleaning up my eating habits and throwing away any chemical products found in my household.

I switched to organic and more natural deodorants at first. It took a while until I found one that could deal with my certain “issue". But something inside of me was telling me that it wasn’t enough. That all these products, organic or not, still had ingredients in them that I had no idea what they were and meant, including aluminium, alcohol and glycerin. And I didn’t feel like looking every ingredient up either.


Then one day I was talking to a friend on the subject and she said that she would use just coconut oil for her pits. Just coconut oil? Just coconut oil. So, I tried it. And I stank horribly and sweated like a pig! It couldn’t be I kept telling myself. There must be another way. 

With a little more research, I came across a DIY deodorant recipe. I was intrigued. The first one I made was a deodorant stick with beeswax pellets, essential oils and coconut oil etc. Of course I had to apply it numerous times a day, as sweaty as I am. But I was satisfied with my very first homemade deodorant.  After that I tried a simpler recipe, a cream deodorant with baking soda, coconut oil, arrowroot starch and essential oils. I loved everything about it. It’s smell, the natural looking nude color to it, the simplicity. And of course, most of all, that I knew every single ingredient in it! Check out the result here and learn how to make your own deodorant.

Due to my hormones, before and after pregnancy, as well as my new healthy diet, I soon realized that my body was going through a MASSIVE detox of all the products I used over the past years.  And what I needed to do, was instead of doing what I’ve been doing up to that point, clogging up the problem. I needed to assist my body to release the toxins efficiently.

Body Odor

What I’ve learned is that many body odor comes from hormonal issues as well as liver, kidney and gut disfunction.  The liver, kidneys and gut are all in charge of eliminating toxins and waste products from the body. Sluggish digestion, improper hydration as well as impaired kidney or liver function cause a backup of waste in the body that is then released in the sweat, giving it an unpleasant odor. In order to create some sweet-smelling sweat is to keep the digestive system cleared out by eating a colorful, organic whole-foods diet including probiotics and fermented food.

Holistic Nutrition

We all sweat needless to say. However those who ‘stink’ have more difficulty detoxing themselves from waste product of their body.  In order to get a sweet scented smell, it’s important to support our body by drinking good spring water. Keep the body well hydrated first of all.  Dandelion tea and milk thistle tea support the liver and detoxification of the body. Wheatgrass neutralises body odor, as does any dark leafy greens do. Peppermint as well, but that wasn’t an option for me as a nursing mom, as peppermint dries out milk. 

Make sure to integrate fermented food as well as probiotics into your nutrition. Examples of fermented food can be yoghurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha.

Metaphysical Meaning

From a holistic perspective body odor can be caused from a dislike of the self or out of fear of others. Ask yourself: do you feel fear in any area of your life? Accepting ourselves for who we truly are is a lot harder said than done. In my case, this was definitely a struggle. Self-worthiness and acceptance is key. 

According affirmation: I love and approve of myself. I am safe.

Simplest Natural Deodorant

One word: baking soda. That's all you need. Wipe a pinch of baking soda on each armpit before leaving the house in the morning and you're miraculously covered for the rest of the day. It's especially great for people who tend to sweat a lot.

Interested in learning more on natural beauty care? Want to make the switch to a natural deodorant but have no time to make your own? Either way, contact me and I'll be happy to supply you with tips and your very own 100% natural deodorant.

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She’s a mom of a 3- and 1-year old, and strives for a natural lifestyle by eating clean&green and using natural solutions. Her toddler believes he’s a dragon and she believes anything is possible.


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