new moon in scorpio

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

new moon energetics

every new moon a new lunar cycle begins. it is a grand portal that opens itself to manifest with the lunar energies. if we are aware of it or not, we are influenced by the moon. some who feel the subtle energies might be more receptive to the moon sensitivity than others. however, we all have the opportunity to work with the lunar energies that are playing at large.

the moon rules over nature, the tides in the ocean, even animals live in tune with the lunar ways. for example, bees, owls and oysters all follow the lunar rhythms in the way they live, mate, etc.

us humans being over 70% water being held together in this solid vessel of ours are equally influenced by the moon. some lunar phases are stronger than others. although many assume that the energies of the full moon are when the moon is at its most intense, in reality, the new moon has an even stronger pull in our energies, however, in a more sublte manner.

on the new moon is when everything is at lowest - our energies, our digestion, our bodily functions - making it an optimal point in time to do any fast or juice cleanse.

new moon in scorpio // cleanse your energy

we have a new moon in scorpio this sunday, the 15th of november 2020. every astrological sign rules over a body part, as every sign has different energies to it. scorpio rules over our genitals. therefore, for you divine women, i recommend doing a yoni steam to experience a stronger cleanse than usual. i recommend the brand lunear and their vulva products. when we do a physcial cleanse, we are automatically cleansing and creating room on every other level (emotional, spiritual, energetic, mental).

give yourself a lavishing herbal sea salt bath this new moon. create a ritualistic atmosphere by connecting to the element of water. decorate your bathtub with candles, rose petals, crystals. let your intuition guide you to what you need. and trust what you are intuitively drawn to. give your body a good scrub, while you picture how you are cleansing very aspect and part of your being. how all that is no longer yours energetically is being cleansed and neutralized into new energy.

when the moon is in scorpio

scorpio as an astrological sign is a water sign. the moon already represents the element of water embodying our emotional body and intuition. when the moon lands in scorpio it can heighten your intuitive and spiritual abilities. i recommend to meditate on the new moon and draw in the lunar abilities to activate your psychic gifts (that we all have). i have a new moon inner journey for you to do so.

use this new moon as an opportunity to renew your energies, by allowing yourself to have a break, even if it just only for one night like the moon herself. she also takes a step back and goes completly dark for one night.

fill up your cup this new moon, the more you relax, the more you will receive. the more you will attract what your heart truly desires. because you let go of the strong grip you might have on your manifestations that automatically block them from flowing to you effortlessly.

scorpio, the intuitive

this is probably the most feared astrological sign for many reasons. they have this strong sense to seeing through any bullshit. they are like hounds for the truth. they are not afraid to peer through the darkness and go to places where others might feel uncomfortable. water signs are known to be emotional, intuitive, sensitive and observers.

scorpio as a sign embody transformation. their affirmation is "i transform". it is not unusual that scorpio finds themselves through one transformation after another. sometimes not recognizing themselves anymore as they are here to evolve in such an expansive way. they represent the full circle of life - birth, life, death, rebirth.

in their low expression, they victimize themselves in their emotions and are overwhelmed by their sensitivity. they become overprotective in their space and develop sharp tongues that sting.

in their high expression, they understand that their sensitivity is their biggest gift - to feel life to the furthest extent and make their pain, pleasure into alchemy and know how to channel their sensivities to make a world a more healed place.

new moon intentions

after cleansing your energy through a lavishing bath for example, take a moment to reflect on the past lunar cycle.

here are some reflection questions:

☽ what came through this past lunar cycle?

☽ what worked well?

☽ what did not work so well?

☽ what intentions that you set last new moon are no longer in alignment with where you are now currently at? what changed?

☽ what are the new intentions you would like plant in the fertile energy of the new moon?

create your list of new moon intentions. i like to create only one intention that i would like to concentrate on this lunar cycle. i always have an ongoing list of desires and manifestations, however, every new moon i decide on just one intention. what do i truly want to create more of this lunar cycle?

you can create your list of one intention or many intentions. follow your intuition on that one and what feels aligned for you.

journaling prompts for the new moon in scorpio

☽ what happened the last time the moon was in a major moon sign for example around in may when the full moon was in scorpio?

☽ what manifestations did you desire in the last new moon in scorpio?

☽ what are you ready to fully transform this new lunar cycle?

embodiment practice

after you write your list of intentions, i invite you to bring movement in your body. dance with your vision and truly feel all of the emotions of receiving and living your intentions. put on a good play list and let your body flow to the rhythm without bringing your head into the game. just listen to your body and how it desires to move. here is my favorite playlist to dance to.

lovely moon children, thank you for being here. i hope you enjoyed this weeks moon musings! let me know - what came through for you this new moon? share your intentions with me.

sending you new moon blessings,

inés kelly ღ


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