new moon in scorpio

Every new moon a new lunar cycle begins. It is a grand portal that opens itself to manifest with the lunar energies. If we are aware of it or not, we are influenced by the moon.

new moon in scorpio

Some who feel the subtle energies might be more receptive to the moon’s sensitivity than others. Nevertheless, we all have the opportunity to work with the lunar energies that are playing at large.

The moon rules over nature, the tides in the ocean, even animals live in tune with the lunar ways. For example, bees, owls and oysters all follow the lunar rhythms in the way they live and mate.

Humans consisting of approximately 70% water which is held together in this solid vessel of ours are equally influenced by the moon. Some lunar phases are stronger than others. Although many assume that the energies of the Full Moon are when the moon is at its most intense, in reality, the New Moon has an even stronger pull in our energies emphasizing our subconscious mind.

On the New Moon is when everything is at its lowest - our energies, our digestion, our bodily functions - making it an optimal point in time to do any fast or juice cleanse.

scorpio, the intuitive

On Thursday, 4 November 2021, we have a New Moon in the sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio is probably the most feared and misunderstood astrological sign. They have a strong sense of seeing through any bullshit. They are like hounds for the truth. They are not afraid to peer through the darkness and go to places where others might feel uncomfortable. Water signs are known to be emotional, intuitive, sensitive and observers.

Scorpio as a sign embodies transformation. Their affirmation is "I transform". It is not unusual that Scorpio finds themselves through one transformation after another. Sometimes not recognizing themselves anymore as they are here to evolve in such an expansive way. They represent the full circle of life - birth, life, death, rebirth, being co-ruled by the planet of karma and transformation itself, Pluto.

In their low expression, they victimize themselves in their emotions and are overwhelmed by their sensitivity. they become overprotective in their space and develop sharp tongues that sting.

In their high expression, they understand that their sensitivity is their biggest gift - to feel life to the furthest extent and make their pain, pleasure into alchemy and know how to channel their sensitivities to make a world a more healed place.

new moon scorpio