New Year Blend

2o18 is right around the corner and what better way to welcome the New Year than with an essential oil blend to renew the vibes and energy in the house and in your life. Read on to find out how.


Also known as the King of Oils, as it's kind of an all-rounder. It cleanses out negativity, and gives out a feeling of protection. Divinely protect your household with this oil and cleanse out all the unwanted negative vibes.

Wild Orange:

The oil of abundance is your go-to oil, if you want to get things done. It gives you that extra dose of energy and motivation. I use this oil almost daily to keep up with my kids. Make your New Year resolutions happen with wild orange in the mix.


Use this oil to release any ancestral karma, that is no longer serving you. It is known that we are effected by seven generations back and can likewise effect seven generations ahead. Are you ready to leave any family patterns or traits in 2o17? Now's your chance with Myrrh.


All citrus oils have quite an uplifting quality to them and bergamot is no exception. This particular oil is used when experiencing sadness, grief and separation. If you're having difficulty letting out, may it be a certain a situation, getting over a break-up or you're being too hard on yourself. Release any kind of self-judgement and low self-esteem with this oil.

How to use:

Place 3 drops of each oil in your diffuser and inhale all the goodness.

All the best in 2o18.