oil wisdom: roman chamomile ☾

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

the oil of spiritual purpose 

`do what you love to experience true success` is the message roman chamomile conveys. it helps connect us to our purpose and meaning in life.

we are all here for a spiritual purpose. dharma as it's called in sanskrit. it's the cosmic law and order. our soul before arriving in the physical plane of what is known to be your body chose all the lessons it wanted to learn.

sometimes our dharma is apparent to us. sometimes it's simply not and it takes time to cultivate a strong of self-worth to acknowledge what it is that we're here to do and believe we can live out of a place of prosperity and abundance by doing this thing that lights us up.

roman chamomile is a very spiritual oil, as it helps cultivate the feeling connected and supported by the divine. Knowing we are on the right path, no matter what. It can ease an overactive ego-mind restoring confidence to do what the came to do on earth.

my must-have oil for babies/kids

as this oil has very calming agent, it helps not only an overactive mind, but it's a relaxant and soothes pain, especially when teething or growing pains.

practical tips for babies/children

◌ apply roman chamomile with a carrier oil, i prefer almond oil for children, onto the jaw lines of your baby/child to help relieve pain from teething

◌ diffuse for a restful night sleep during teething or feverish nights

◌ give your baby/child a relaxing tummy massage for tummy troubles, nausea, colic, etc.

my personal experience 

i use them on my kids to relieve physical symptoms and restlessness. one of the main reasons i really love to use this oil on my kids is because it's such a gentle oil and it can be even used undiluted. but when it's nicely diluted, than it can be better massaged into the skin. when i feel frazzled, with light nerves, than this my go-to oils.

  i've been guided to this oil early on in my oil journey as finding my purpose was quite deeply engraved in me. I use it as a helper for my meditation practice to dive in the zone use it.


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thank you so much for reading.

as always, reach out, if you have any questions.

xo inés kelly



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