sacral inner authority

Being a Generator, my inner authority is the one of the sacral. Similiar to the sacral chakra, it is ruled by pleasure. The sacral generates energy when it is fueled by the things we love. It is a responsive energy, a gut instinct.

I wasn’t so into my Human Design when I first discovered it. It felt like being a Generator meant I was like most of the population. Not so special. My profile number was like what?

Then I received my initial reading, that is when I started opening up to my Sacral energy. Playing with it, discovering its innate power and witnessing how deeply visceral this energy center is.

It helped me understand how my intuition wanted to speak to me. It opened a portal of new ways of interacting with the Universe.

The Sacral responds to life, it wants to play with energy and fill itself up with pleasure. That is when it generates energy. It is a visceral response in the body, a magnetic pull towards one thing over the other. It is felt within your whole body like a tingle or niggle, an electric wave, a deep knowing and excitement that says expansively: yes!

As an example, on the night of my Solar Eclipse celebration, I was looking for flowers for the dinner table. I felt my sacral respond to one dried flower bouquet but when I saw the price - I was like hm, maybe not today. On my way home, I found, stuck in a bush, the exact bouquet of flowers that my Sacral responded to earlier. A gift from my angels. I took it as a sign, another big Generator theme. More on that in another post. 💫


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