solar eclipse in sagittarius

we have made it this far - the last of the new moon's in the solar calendar of 2020. your intentions for this lunation will accompany you as we passage through into a new year, a new solar return.

lately, i have been thinking a lot about intentions and how oftentimes we create intentions out of emotional lack of some type of a need. we create xyz to receive xyz. making the intention not necessarily stem from a pure and healed space. however, it stems from a space of unhealed wounds, past karma or trauma.

while you journal out your intentions tonight, i invite you to ask yourself: why? proceed to answer the why do you want what you want? notice if it stems from scarcity, fear, an unmet emotion.

i have noticed within myself, that oftentimes when I don't receive the result I was anticipating it is usually because my intentions were backed up by a lack mentality. one of fear, wanting to be loved, or scarcity mindset, such as worried that there will not be enough.

tonight we have a total solar eclipse - the most rare of sorts. it is a powerful time to create one lasting intention that will carry you into the new year. tonight eclipse season will end. take a moment to reflect what came up for you this eclipse season. find reflection questions in this regard below.

fire element

having a new moon in sagittarius means working the element of fire is especially powerful tonight. here are ways for you to connect to the element of fire.

☽ candle meditation - gaze into the flame of a candle for 5 - 10 minutes to activate your inner Magick Guardian

☽ burn your intentions - hand your desires to the universe

☽ sage your space - connect through all the elements through smudging and create space energetically for your visions.

the most powerful of the year

the solar eclipse is a powerful portal to manifest. take the time tonight to dive within, journal, embody your desires through dance, and burn any limitations away.

sagittarius as a sign is expansive, enthustiastic, life affirming and loving. she reaches for the stars and creates for a life that is in full alignment with her passionate and adventurous heart.

reflection questions

☽ what lessons, recurring emotions, situations came up for you this eclipse season?

☽ what are you ready to leave behind in the past lunar cycle?

☽ how are you ready to expand into new heights this new lunar cycle?

☽ what powerful intentions do you want to set with this final new moon of 2020?

☽ what is the drive or the why behind your intentions?

sending many moon blessings your way this solar eclipse.

much love,

inés kelly