the truth about new moon intentions

New Moon intentions are all the rage these days. Now everybody seems to be planning their lives around the moon. Something I personally am loving to see - because I believe connecting with nature will bring us back to our inner wisdom on a deeper level.

There is however a simple truth that I wanted to share with you today in regards to New Moon intentions.

It is popularly said that “when you are in alignment, it will come”. Personally, I find this phrase irritating sometimes. It makes it sound that we need to only be energetically in alignment in order to receive. But what about all the work that needs to be done on an emotional, mental, physical level to bring our manifestations to life? I find it irritating, because I know that most of the entrepreneurs, or people working towards their intentions in other words their goals, work really hard to make this their new reality. It doesn’t just come from alignment, in my opinion.

For me, I have learned from personal experience, that some things simply take time. And for maybe even some intentions - a lifetime. Yes, you heard me. This might not be what you were wishing to hear, as we are caught up in this instant gratification generation (believe me, I am right there with you).

I don’t want to discourage you with my statement. Really the opposite actually - I want to encourage you to follow our path, no matter the obstacles, open yourself up to what the universe truly has in store for you. What if it's something completely different to your New Moon intentions? You wouldn’t want to block what is your birthright to receive.

Last New Moon in Aquarius (in 2020) my intentions were the following:

Create videos for alignment course (how ironic)

Ease into things

Finding joy in what makes me joyous

Hold space for what is

Physical movement - priority (check)

Do more lives (check)

Be consistent (check)

Be pure light

As you see, some of my intentions I was able to check off, because they were important to me. Others I feel like I am still not quite there yet, and I am still undergoing the lessons to come closer to that intention. And then there are the intentions that you realize they are just not really a priority after all, i.e. the first one of the above list.

It goes to show that over time, circumstances, belief systems, YOU change. Allowing ourselves to have that space and time to figure things is out is a vital part of fulfilling our New Moon intentions.

Allowing myself to forgive myself for not checking an intention off my list and being ok with it.

Allowing myself to realize that some intentions might take a lifetime to fulfill and being ok with that.

Who says it should only take ONE lunar cycle for it to come through?

What I want to say with all of this is - give yourself TIME. Honor your individual path.

Setting Intentions on a New Moon during Mercury Retrograde

I especially thought this subject was really fitting with our current energies of Mercury Retrograde. It is recommended to not start anything new during this time due to Mercury’s trickster tendencies of causing mischief.

The Mantra during Mercury Retrograde: finish what you started.