third quarter in leo

when you work with all 4 main lunar phases, the waning moon is the point in time to do the release work. it is when the veil is becoming thinner. energy lower. the pace slowing down. we are coming to an end of a lunar cycle. therefore, the ideal time to reflect back on the month/moon we have had so far.

the word month originally derives from the word moon. as this how our ancient ancestors used to count time by the moon. they understood the power of the lunar energies and used her as a guide for hunting/gathering, fertility, and much more.

during the waning moon, the energy is becoming lower until it reaches its lowest point on the new moon. we are resetting for a new lunar cycle to begin.

during the waning moon, here are some recommended activities:

☾ juice cleanse/detox

☾ have a herbal salt bath to detoxify

☾ release/forgiveness/banishing ritual

☾ declutter, re-organize and tie loose ends

you can more in my online course on the lunar cycle, Moon Magic.

when we have a third quarter moon, that is when energy is beginning to thrive. use this anchor in time to create ritual effectively by honing in the current energy. the darker the moon gets, the more effective ritual will be.

as the moon grows dark in the sky, so does our inner world. we are able to see through the darkness a lot more. a conscious person sees through the darkness of others and does not identify themselves with it. we are in an observant state of mind. where we observe, however are reserving our energies.

when the third quarter moon is in leo, we have the possibility to hone in that fiery energy of the brave-heart lion.

in her high expression, she is a creative Goddess flowing with life through her big heart of hers. she understands that others opinions are detached from her worth. she is fully authentically herself.

in her low expression, she is attached to other peoples opinions and acts over sensitive when she feels rejected. she is too proud to see clearly and operates from a place of low self-worth.

leo is here to remind us that other peoples projections are not our own. that we can stand in sovereignty within our knowing.

journaling prompts for this waning moon:

♌︎ what are brave enough to peer through the darkness this waning moon?

♌︎ what lessons came up for us around the full moon?

♌︎ how did we experience this lunar cycle so far?

♌︎ what energy are we willing to bring into the new lunar cycle?

♌︎ what energy do we want to leave behind us this lunar cycle?

♌︎ what are you thankful for that happened this lunar cycle?

♌︎ what are you ready to forgive, let go and find closure this waning moon?

element of fire

create ritual with the element of fire on the third quarter in leo. as a fire sign, hone in the current energies to transmute what are you willing to release.

probably the most simplest and effective ritual is burning a piece of paper. first write down what you are ready to release. step two, burn the piece of paper. affirm to yourself that this is being taken care of by the universe.

fire as an element has the power to transmute energy. it eliminates, cancels out with such potency and elevates the energy to a higher frequency.

when we do a fire ritual, it is not about leaving what was bothering/blocking us behind forever. it is about having it raise from the ashes reborn, integrated into our being that it no longer bothers us or hinders us from reaching our greatest potential.

let me know - how will you create ritual tonight or this waning moon?

thank you for subscribing to moon musings and hope to have back on here reading more musings. next musings coming out on the new moon in scorpio!

check out my inner journey for this third quarter moon in leo to integrate further what you are ready to release.


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