third quarter moon in virgo

third quarter moon

the third quarter moon is when the left half of the moon is illuminated. it is the moon phase when we watch in awe how the moon keeps on dissolving. as if the night sky is slowly swallowing it whole.

the darker it becomes is what we know as the waning moon phase. within the waning moon we have 3 main phases:

☾ waning gibbous (disseminating moon)

☾ third quarter moon

☾ waning crescent (balsamic moon).

the third quarter marks the middle of the waning moon phase. it is known as from this point on further energy is decreasing rapidly. feelings of exhaustion, introversion, reflection are all natural emotions that come up around the waning moon period.

the darker the moon is, the more effective any release ritual will be.

the dark moon phase

once our recent ancestors lost touch with the moon phases and her rhythmicity, they forgot the power of what this moon phase holds. it later even became feared, believing when the moon goes dark evil lurks in the night.

this goes to show how misunderstood the dark energies really are. in reality, dark has nothing to do with evil. it is merely but part of every cycle that can be found in life, nature, and of course the moon.

darkness represents the ending to a cycle, in other words, death. nothing to be feared, but to be embraced for what it is - a possiblity for change. darkness is where deep transformation happens. new beginnings mean that something else comes to an end. a cycle complete. a part of ourselves dies to come out reborn again.

equally, darkness is where we were created: the wombs of our mother. it is under the earth, where germiniation happens and the seed is planted, for it to later grow in the late.

thanks the darkness, the soil is moist enough to provide the fertile grounds for the seeds to germiniate. just like in our wombs, when the cervix fluid is rising during the fertile days, is when we create the right environment to become pregnant.

in it is only when we begin to honor also the dark phases in our life, when we believe nothing is moving forward, and we turn inward, can we then hone in the regenerative energies of this inner dark moon phase. for us to then later realize that this phase was very much needed for the creative phase of growth that later follows.

time stamps of where we experience a dark moon phase in our life:

☾ the last quarter of life

☾ the final phase of pregnancy before giving birth

☾ the premenstrual phase of a woman

☾ the season of winter

☾ and any phase of our life that is about to end.

it is in the dark nights of the moon, do we find comfort in what darkness truly represents - the beauty of letting go and going inward.

virgo, the pure one

during this waning moon phase, you might feel more inclined than ever to declutter, re-organize, and debunk all myths for facts. if so, you are feeling into the virgo vibes of this first quarter moon.

virgo is known for its purity. the symbol for this sign is the virgin, who is in service to the world to help people find healing through her gifts. virgos are known to be hard-workers, dedicated and humble in many ways. from the outside, they might appear to be calm and controlled in nature. however, from the inside, it might be another story. they tend to have loud and over critical minds.

having a structure is important this earth sign, virgo, which is why you might find yourself caught up today or yesterday in a declutter frenzy. typically, the more unexpressed emotions and thoughts, we have within, the more we desire organization from without.

you might comfort during these days to get rid of anything that you no longer use. during these days surrender to the imperfections of life, and release whatever is burdening you.

third quarter moon release ritual

for this third quarter moon, we are in an Earth sign and will create ritual to connect with said element to balance out the energy. before beginning, take a moment to reflect and journal out these following questions:

reflection questions

♍︎ what has been a burden for me lately?