Tram Museum in Zurich

Here's a quick recap to our trip to the tram museum located in Zurich with the tram 11. On Saturdays and Sundays there's even a special tram line (tram no. 21) that takes you all the way up there in an older tram model and drives through the city at stops like the main station, Paradeplatz and Bellevue. I'll add the link where you can find the timetable along with other information below.

For those of you who have Kulturlegi, the entrance fee is half price. For younger children below 6 years old admission is free of charge.

You can hop on and off any tram in there and gaze at the old ticket machines. For boys and train enthusiasts alike it's a great place to spend an afternoon. In the midst of all these Zurich trams of past generations there's a nice spot where you can enjoy a snack.

Definitely a cool place to have a "zNüni" oder "sVieri" like we say in Swiss German. I would bring my own snack. You have the option to buy one in the grocery store, Migros, before entering, which is right next door. A coffee machine is available for the parents or grandparents.

Let's not forget the play area! The kids can take a wooden train for a spin on the giant table of train tracks with containing the works - cranes and bridges, and much more. That was obviously the first stop my toddler, Levin wanted to make as soon as he saw the play table.

There is also a miniature replica of a modern Zurich train where the kids can operate themselves by turning the wheel which makes it go back and forth. I can imagine that the older kids spend the most time on there, as I heard them gladly shout "all abroad" and "asking for everyone's ticket".

It's definitely worth a visit for boys & girls of all ages! Ever since my post on the palm tree house in Zurich, I've been keeping up my promise to visit new places with the kids.

We've been doing more indoor activities considering that it's too cold our little ones and for me too! I'm not that outdoorsy in winters, but I'm hoping th