Tropical Greenhouse in Zurich

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

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As a mom, I'm always looking for activities that are affordable, yet entertaining for both child and parent. During these winter days, we've been staying in more often. Adding a baby to our family dynamic has influenced our routine quite a bit, having to adjust to a new pace. It can be stressful at times, without a doubt, having to change, clean, feed, watch a toddler AND a baby at the same time! But hey, I'm not complaining, just saying. How could I when I look at that little chubby guy's face?

Needless to say outings require a lot of work aka preparation time. Even when I think that I'm finally getting the hang of it, another growth sprout comes along, or a missed window for a nap, or someone poops in their pants right when I got everyone ready to go out. Oh yeah, that's #momlife! But I guess learning how to take these experiences with a light shoulder is part of #parenthood. In the attempt of getting out of the house more, and after recovering from a stubborn cold, we've decided to visit a new place instead of one of our regular hang-out spots.

We went to the state park in Zurich for the first time. In German it's called Stadtgärtnerei - Zentrum für Pflanzen und Bildung. In other words it's a park / center of all kinds of plants and flowers, greenhouses, and best of all, a tropical greenhouse, open to the public free of charge. Considering the bitter cold, we wandered around the palm house full of tropical treasures, even a few exotic birds, sun-bathing turtles and from tiny to huge coy fishes. It's similar to the Masoala indoor rain forest of the Zurich zoo, but smaller and with less wildlife. We love animals and nature, but we're not a fan of seeing locked up animals living in an unnatural habitat, therefore, this is a kind of nice alternative to the zoo.

I'm an absolute a plant-lover, so this place was like heaven to me. I would own so many more plants if my thumb were any greener! My toddler was taken away from the very first minute we stepped foot in there, wanting to explore the place inside out. He quickly went down this one pathway with a little creek, exclaiming that he was a big turtle. I guess that was is way of saying, that he felt right at home!

If you live in Zurich or nearby, I would definitely recommend a visit, with or without family, it's for absolutely everyone! I will add the link to the website below for your info.

If you do visit and have the time, I would recommend you to walk through the cemetery, Friedhof Sihlfeld, first, which is quite a lovely walk, and once you get to the other side, you only need to cross the street, and you're already there.

Since we live pretty close by, we walked from home all the way there, which took us about half an hour. We love to walk, no matter if rain or shine, you get to see so much more when you go by foot, and it's good for the environment and our immune system too.

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did. New #goal: Making it my mission to visit a new place at least once every week or maybe more realistically every other week. Let's see if I can make it. xx