Vegan Ceviche & Veggie Papa a la Huancaina

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

As a good Peruvian, you can't go without ceviche - vegan or not. This recipe brought my mother and me through the summer guilt-free. Side by side goes with it papa a la huancaina, a delicious dish, which is usually served as an appetizer. The way I've prepared it, is more a lighter version to the original, however not vegan. For a vegan version, check out my recipe post on aji de quinoa.

First thing is first however. In order to honor the dish, papa a la huancaina as it's intended with all it's spicy glory and goodness, you're going to need the Peruvian yellow chili pepper paste called "aji amarillo". For those of you familiar with it, you know what I'm talking about. And for those of you who are in an experimenting type mood, than you can find this so called "aji amarillo" (pronounced amariyo) at an international food store.

In Zurich, the spiciest store around, Beat Heuberger provides "aji amarillo" in different forms from chili flakes to cream to paste and is located at Hallwylplatz. Ordering from their online shop is also an option. Link will be provided below for your reference.

Now that we got the ingredients down, let's proceed to whipping up this Peruvian goodness. Your taste buds are going to be bursting with joy. Hope you like spicy!

You are going to need the following ingredients:

For the vegan ceviche:

500 g mushrooms (preferably white, however I used brown :))

1 spring onion or normal white onion

1 garlic

thumb sized piece of ginger

2 limes (however, I used lemons)

red chili flakes

fresh cilantro

salt and pepper

For vegetarian papa a la huancaina:


cottage cheese

aji amarillo paste or cream (either one work)

1 garlic

1 white onion

dab of milk (I used almond milk, since I don't drink any other type)

salt and pepper

cumin (optional)

to garnish: 1 hard boiled egg (optional)

Now to the instructions:

1. First get the potatoes going. I like them steamed. You could also boil them in water. Whatever floats your boat. Cook until soft.

2. Now chop up all mushrooms in long, thin slices. Chop the onion in cubes.

3. Squeeze the limes and add the juice to the mushrooms. Press the garlic and add.

4. Chop the ginger in ity-bity pieces or shred, if preferred.

5. Add the chili flakes and mix. Let it sit, while you continue to prepare the creamy papa a la huancania.

6. Chop the onion and garlic in big pieces and fry quickly on a pan until golden brown.

7. In a long measuring cup, put half of the cottage cheese (125 g), the golden onion and garlic, 2-3 tsp cream of aji amarillo (depending on how spicy you want it), just a dab of almond oil (so it's not too thick) salt and pepper and mix it with a hand blender until creamy smooth. Add more almond milk if too thick.

8. Serve the ceviche with the fresh cilantro. Cut the potatoes in half and put the cream on top for serving. Add black olives or the hard boiled egg cut in half to serve.